Top 145+ Texting Abbreviations with Examples [2024]

September 6, 2023 | By Sam Pelton
Texting abbreviation bubbles

Texting abbreviations are now everywhere.

They’ve seeped out of private phone conversations and chat rooms and into every corner of society—from social media to the workplace to even business interactions with customers.

(As an example, one study found that over 5% of tweets in some US states contain texting acronyms.)

But it can be hard to keep up with all of these abbreviations and what they actually mean.

So here’s a comprehensive list (with examples) of some of our selected top texting abbreviations to help you keep track.

Plus, check out the end of the article for some advice on when you should use abbreviations (as well as whether it’s appropriate to use them for business and customer interactions).

145+ Top Texting Abbreviations (Reference List in Alphabetical Order)


2G2BT - Too Good To Be True

Example: A free vacation? 2G2BT.

2MORO - Tomorrow

Example: See you 2MORO!

4EAE - For Ever And Ever

Example: We'll be friends 4EAE.

4YEO - For Your Eyes Only

Example: Here's some confidential info for you. 4YEO.

9 - Parent Is Watching

Example: Can't talk, 9.

99 - Parent No Longer Watching

Example: Alright, 99. Let's talk.

10Q - Thank You

Example: 10Q for the gift!

2NITE - Tonight

Example: Let's hang out 2NITE!

2WIMC - To Whom It May Concern

Example: Please forward this to the appropriate person. 2WIMC.


AFAIK - As Far As I Know

Example: AFAIK, the party is still on for Saturday.

AFK - Away From Keyboard

Example: Sorry, I'm AFK for a moment.

AYKM - Are You Kidding Me?

Example: AYKM? That's incredible!

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

Example: Can you send me the report ASAP?


BAE - Before Anyone Else (Term of Endearment)

Example: You're my BAE.

B4 - Before

Example: I'll meet you B4 dinner.

BBL - Be Back Later

Example: I'll finish this and BBL.

BBLN - Be Back Later, Neighbors

Example: Going next door. BBLN.

BCNU - Be Seeing You

Example: Time to head out. BCNU.

BF - Boyfriend

Example: My BF is coming too.

BFF - Best Friends Forever

Example: Hanging out with my BFF today.

BFN - Bye For Now

Example: Catch you later, BFN!

BG - Big Grin

Example: That's hilarious! BG!

BOL - Be On Later

Example: Have to go, BOL.

BRB - Be Right Back

Example: Need to grab something, BRB!

BRT - Be Right There

Example: Almost there, BRT.

BTDT - Been There, Done That

Example: You don't have to explain; I BTDT.

BTW - By The Way

Example: BTW, have you seen the latest news?

Texting conversation with texting abbreviations


CBA - Can't Be Asked

Example: CBA to deal with this right now.

CUL8R - See You Later

Example: Gotta run, CUL8R!

CYA - See You

Example: I'll be there at 6 PM, CYA then.


DIY - Do It Yourself

Example: Working on a DIY project this weekend.

DM - Direct Message

Example: Send me a DM with your contact info.

DND - Do Not Disturb

Example: DND, working on a project.


EOD - End Of Day

Example: Let's finish this by EOD.

EOM - End Of Message

Example: Just saying hi. EOM.

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

Example: My ETA is 20 minutes.


F2F - Face To Face

Example: Let's talk F2F.

F8 - Fate

Example: We were meant to be. It's F8.

FB - Facebook

Example: I saw your post on FB.

FBF - Flashback Friday

Example: FBF to last year's trip.

FF - Follow Friday

Example: It's FF! Check out these cool accounts.

FITB - Fill In The Blank

Example: The answer is . FITB.

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

Example: Everyone's going, and I have FOMO.

FTFY - Fixed That For You

Example: Your statement was confusing, FTFY.

FWIW - For What It's Worth

Example: FWIW, I liked your idea.

FYI - For Your Information

Example: FYI, the meeting is postponed.


G2G - Got to Go

Example: Time to leave, G2G!

G9 - Genius

Example: You solved that quickly! G9!

GA - Go Ahead

Example: GA and ask your question.

GAL - Get a Life

Example: I really need to GAL!

GBTW - Get Back to Work

Example: Enough chit-chat, GBTW!

GF - Girlfriend

Example: My GF got me a gift card.

GG - Good Game

Example: Well played, GG!

GGWP - Good Game, Well Played

Example: GGWP, it was a close match.

GL - Good Luck

Example: You've got this! GL!

GLHF - Good Luck, Have Fun

Example: GLHF in the game!

GN - Good Night

Example: Time to sleep, GN!

GTR - Getting Ready

Example: Still GTR, almost done.

GTG - Got to Go

Example: Sorry, GTG now.

GR8 - Great

Example: The movie was GR8!

Text message example with texting abbreviations


HAND - Have a Nice Day

Example: See you tomorrow. HAND!

HAK - Hugs and Kisses

Example: Sending you HAK!

HBD - Happy Birthday

Example: HBD! Have an awesome day!

HHOK - Ha-Ha, Only Kidding

Example: HHOK, I didn't mean it.

HMU - Hit Me Up

Example: If you're free tonight, HMU.


ICYMI - In Case You Missed It

Example: ICYMI, there's a sale tomorrow.

IDC - I Don’t Care

Example: IDC where we go for lunch today, feel free to pick whatever sounds good.

IDRC - I Don't Really Care

Example: IDRC what we do, I’ll just enjoy hanging out.

IDK - I Don't Know

Example: IDK where he went.

IIRC - If I Recall Correctly

Example: IIRC, she said she would be late.

IKR - I Know, Right?

Example: IKR, the weather is so nice today.

ILU - I Love You

Example: I’ll see you soon! ILU!

ILY - I Love You

Example: Miss you! ILY!

IMO - In My Opinion

Example: IMO, the new album is great.

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

Example: IMHO, you should take the job.

IRL - In Real Life

Example: Let's meet up IRL.

ISO - In Search Of

Example: ISO a new job.


J4F - Just For Fun

Example: This game is J4F.

JIC - Just In Case

Example: Bring an umbrella, JIC it rains.

JK - Just Kidding

Example: I’m not hungry. JK, I’m starving!

J/K - Just Kidding

Example: I'm so mad. J/K, it’s totally fine!


K - OK

Example: K, sounds good - see you soon!


Example: Got it, KK. Thanks!


L8R - Later

Example: See you L8R!

L8R G8R - Later, Gator

Example: Leaving now. L8R G8R!

LMAO - Laughing My A Off

Example: That meme had me LMAO.

LMK - Let Me Know

Example: If you're interested, LMK.

LOL - Laugh Out Loud

Example: That joke is hilarious! LOL!

LULZ - Laughter At Someone Else's Expense

Example: That's not funny, don't do it for the LULZ.

LY - Love You

Example: Have fun on your trip! LY!

LYK - Let You Know

Example: If I hear anything, I'll LYK.


M8 - Mate

Example: This is my best M8.

MIA - Missing In Action

Example: She's been MIA all day.

MM - Music Monday

Example: #MM, sharing my favorite song.

Text message example with texting abbreviations

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N00B - Newbie

Example: He’s just a N00B.

NAGI - Not a Good Idea

Example: Going out without an umbrella is NAGI.

NBD - No Big Deal

Example: It's NBD; we can reschedule.

NGL - Not Gonna Lie

Example: NGL, that was impressive.

NM - Not Much

Example: [Responding to “How’s it going?”] NM, you?

NOOB - Newbie

Example: Cut him some slack; he’s a NOOB.

NP - No Problem

Example: Thanks for helping out. NP.

NRN - No Response Necessary

Example: Sending the details, NRN.

NSFW - Not Safe For Work

Example: The video is NSFW (has some strong language).

NVM - Never Mind

Example: Oh, NVM, I found it!


OBO - Or Best Offer

Example: Selling for $150 OBO.

OMG - Oh My G/Goodness

Example: OMG, did you see that?

OMW - On My Way

Example: Sorry, just woke up. OMW.

OOO - Out of Office

Example: I’m OOO until Tuesday.

OTOH - On The Other Hand

Example: OTOH, maybe we should wait.

OTP - One True Pairing

Example: They are my OTP in this show.


PAW - Parents Are Watching

Example: Can't talk, PAW.

POV - Point Of View

Example: From my POV, it was amazing.

PLS - Please

Example: PLS forgive me.

PLZ - Please

Example: Pass the salt, PLZ.

PM - Private Message

Example: Send me a PM with your address.

POV - Point of View

Example: From my POV, it was a great trip.

PPL - People

Example: PPL can be so funny sometimes.


RAK - Random Act of Kindness

Example: Received a RAK from a stranger today.

RL - Real Life

Example: In RL, I work as a teacher.

RN - Right Now

Example: Can't talk, busy RN.

ROFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Example: ROFL, that video was so funny.


SFW - Safe for Work

Example: It's SFW, you can open it.

SK8 - Skate

Example: Going out to SK8 later.

SMH - Shaking My Head

Example: SMH, can't believe she did that.

SOS - Save Our Souls

Example: SOS, I need help with this.

SRY - Sorry

Example: SRY, I can't make it tonight.


TBA - To Be Announced

Example: The time is TBA for now.

TBH - To Be Honest

Example: TBH, I didn't enjoy the movie.

TBT - Throwback Thursday

Example: TBT to last summer's trip.

TGIF - Thank God It's Friday

Example: TGIF! Let's celebrate.

THX - Thanks

Example: THX for the help!

TIA - Thanks in Advance

Example: Can you make 30 copies for me? TIA!

TL;DR” or TLDR - Too Long, Didn’t Read

Examples: TL;DR. Can you summarize what it says?

TMI - Too Much Information

Example: TMI, I didn't need to know that.

TTFN - Ta-Ta for Now

Example: Heading out, TTFN!

TTYL - Talk To You Later

Example: Gotta go now, TTYL!

TYT - Take Your Time

Example: No rush, TYT.


W8 - Wait

Example: W8 for me, I'll be there soon.

WB - Welcome Back

Example: WB! We missed you.

WBU - What About You?

Example: I'm going to the park. WBU?

WC - Wrong Chat

Example: Oops, WC! Sorry, wrong person.

WDYT - What Do You Think?

Example: WDYT about the new design?

WYD - What You Doing?

Example: Hey, WYD tonight?

WYWH - Wish You Were Here

Example: Sending you pictures from the beach. WYWH!


YOLO - You Only Live Once

Example: Let's do it! YOLO!

YW - You're Welcome

Example: YW! Happy to help.

Text message example with texting abbreviations

When Should You Use Texting Abbreviations?

Texting abbreviations used to be primarily acceptable only in personal texting conversations.

More and more, these abbreviations are becoming commonplace, everyday language as a way to shorten words for texting. In fact, people sometimes actually say some of these abbreviations (such as “BRB” and “LOL”) out loud during in-person interactions.

Here are some general guidelines to follow in using texting abbreviations.

Personal Convos Are OK, K?

The general rule of thumb is that in nearly all personal texting conversations or text-based communication (such as social media posts and emails), most of these texting abbreviations are appropriate to use. (Although some shouldn’t be used just for the fact that they are potentially inappropriate.)

So when you’re texting your mom or one of your friends, it’s generally socially acceptable to use texting abbreviations. (As long as you know the recipient will understand what you’re saying!)

Business Convos? IDK, It Depends

Can you use texting in business conversations with co-workers, colleagues, and supervisors?

This really depends.

Middle-aged and older colleagues and supervisors may be turned off by “text speak” in the workplace. They may see it as unprofessional and too informal. Plus, particularly if there’s a generational gap, using texting abbreviations may lead to miscommunication.

When communicating with supervisors and older colleagues, it’s best to refrain from using texting abbreviations, unless you have a very laid-back workplace culture.

Younger colleagues may not think anything of texting abbreviations, so you’re safer using “text speak” with them. However, there are exceptions, so you’ll want to get a feel for how your colleagues speak and what they are comfortable with.

Convos with Customers? Probs Not - but Maybe

It’s generally best to avoid most texting abbreviations when communicating with customers.

However, there are some exceptions.

Some texting abbreviations have become so commonplace that they likely won’t turn off most people. “LOL” is probably the most common one.

Also, your brand voice and your audience base may be such that texting abbreviations would be appropriate and potentially even relatable. So you’ll just have to know your own audience.

Tips on using texting abbreviations

Tips on Using Texting Abbreviations

To close out this article, here are a few tips you should follow when using texting abbreviations…

Make Sure the Recipient Knows What You Mean

While abbreviations like “LOL” and “BRB” are commonplace and pretty widely understood, you can’t assume that people always know what you’re talking about when you use abbreviations.

Make sure the abbreviations you use are actually understood.

If there’s a question about whether or not your recipient will understand you, use the full expression instead. You may actually be saving time by not generating miscommunication and confusion.

Match Your Recipient’s Tone

If your recipient doesn’t use many (or any) texting abbreviations, it’s best if you refrain from using them too.

On the other hand, if your recipient uses abbreviations freely, that’s a sure sign that they are comfortable with them, so you can use them too.

So be mindful of how your recipient is choosing to communicate with you.

Use Abbreviations Sparingly

While texting abbreviations are broadly accepted in personal conversations, you still want to use them sparingly.

You don’t want your conversations to be inundated with obnoxious abbreviations (and you open the door for a greater likelihood of misunderstandings).

Texting abbreviations are a part of life - and now you can have a point of reference to be more informed and confident as you encounter these abbreviations (and even try to use them yourself).

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