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How Can Our Business Text Messaging Platform Help You?

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Convenient Automation

Have any upcoming updates for your customers or staff? Schedule messages ahead of time or automate a series of messages to make the most efficient use of your business text messaging system.

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Personalized Messaging

Easily organize your contact list into segmented groups so that you can send the most relevant messages to your intended audiences. Automatically include your customers’ names in your text blasts, and manage individual two-way conversations via an easy inbox.

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Beautiful Branding

Beautify your text messages with graphics to pack the most punch in your marketing efforts. Boost brand awareness by including your logo in a convenient contact card your customers can save to their phone.

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Flexible Opt-in Choices

Need help collecting phone numbers? Enjoy multiple phone number collection options, including manual entry, list importing, text-to-join capabilities, QR codes, a free web sign-up form, and automated integrations with other services.

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Informative Analytics

View reporting on your messages and contact list at any time so that you can make informed decisions about your business text messaging efforts. See sent messages, delivery statuses, link clicks, subscriber trends, and information on opt-outs.

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On-the-Go Access

Manage your account and send messages at your convenience via web platform or mobile app. For the most flexibility, create unlimited administrator profiles so that multiple people can access the account at different permission levels.

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Success Stories

"We are a healthcare facility with multiple locations. After a snowstorm, we had doctors come to work when we were closed. We needed a way to tell everyone the same thing at one time. This software has been a game changer. Now we use it for the shirt of the day on Fridays, a mass text for when servers are down, or even to say happy birthday to an employee. Great product!
Matt H
Matt H
IT Director
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