Two-Way SMS Conversations

fashion business owner texts with customer

Stronger Customer Connections

To increase profits, you need a way to make stronger connections with your customers. But how can one business owner, or a team of any size, engage 100s or 1000s of customers at once? How do you not only send message blasts but also follow up with your customers' questions and comments?

How Do Two-Way SMS Conversations Work?

Two-way SMS conversations allow you to quickly text back and forth with your customers directly in your Mobile Text Alerts platform.

As your customers reply to your message broadcasts, you can easily view their replies and respond back from your Mobile Text Alerts platform. You can even opt to be notified on your phone when a new reply comes in!

This open communication improves the overall customer service. Better customer service results in more sales!

Also, there's good news! All incoming replies from your customers are FREE! You will not be charged for the messages they send to your number.

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Create a Better Customer Experience Using Two-Way SMS