84 Sample Text Messages to Customers, Message Templates 2024

April 17, 2024 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
Customers receiving text messages

You know that feeling of your time flying away from you?

It’s that chaotic, “go-go-go” rhythm of your busy life.

As a businessperson, you have so much you need and want to do, and so little time.

For example, you want to get SMS marketing going for your business. But how does it all work? Is it difficult? What kinds of messages would you send? How do you set it up?

Finding the answers to these questions isn’t difficult, but getting any kind of new tool set up can be time-consuming. And that can be a barrier to moving forward, even if you know it would be beneficial for your business.

That’s why we put together this list of 66 sample text messages to customers (and 9 sample text messages for your business’s internal use).

You can use these text message marketing examples to easily put together your own templates and send ready-to-use messages to your customers.

Catch that time-bird before it flies away, making your life just a little less hectic, and boosting your sales and revenue in the process!

Message template infographic

How to Save a Text Message Template for Easy Use

Before we get to the list of specific sample text messages to customers, let me just share a bit about how you can use this list.

Step 1: Create an Account on an SMS Platform

Before you can do anything with your SMS marketing, you need to first create an SMS marketing platform account.

You can opt for the free trial if you just want to test it out.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Text Message Templates” Tab

Once your account is set up, you can navigate to the Text Message Templates tab.

Then click “Create a Message Template” on this page.

Message Templates page

Step 3: Copy and Paste the Message Template

To save a preset message from the list of text message marketing examples here on this page, you can copy any of the examples below.

Then paste them into the “Message to Send” content box here, give your message a name, and click “Save Template.” If you want to include an image you can do that by clicking the paper clip icon to attach a file - you can use content creation apps to help you come up with engaging visuals.

Create a message template

Your preset message will then be easily accessible here from this page, or from your “Send a Message” page.

Now that you know how to save any of the below templates for easy access and use, here’s your list of sample text messages to customers.

9 ways to use sms for your business (infographic)

General Sample Texts

Before we get into specifics, here are a few general sample texts you can pull from.

Promotions Sample Text:

Hey [Name], get 20% off on all orders over $50 this weekend only! Use code SAVE20 at checkout. Shop now: [Link]

Appointment Reminders Sample Text:

Hi [Name], just a friendly reminder of your appointment with [Business Name] tomorrow at [Time]. See you then!

Product Announcements/Launches Sample Text:

Exciting news! There's a new line of [type of product] that you're gonna love! Check it out here: [Link]

Event Invitations/Reminders Sample Text:

Hi [Name], you're invited to our exclusive networking event next Friday! Join us for drinks, snacks, and great conversation. RSVP by clicking here: [Link]

Internal Communication Sample Text:

Don't forget! The budget meeting is TODAY at 1pm. Please don't be late!

“Welcome” Sample Text Messages to Customers

Your “welcome” message is the automated message people receive when they sign up for your texts via "text-to-join" keyword or web sign-up form.

Your welcome message should generally be succinct, friendly, and informative. It should clearly confirm and clarify what your subscriber signed up for, as well as provide instructions on how they can opt out.

Check out the below templates for some ideas.

Welcome! You will now be kept up to date with all things at [business name]! Reply 'stop' at any time to opt out

Welcome to [business name] Alert Club! Use promo code [code] to enjoy 10% off as a 'thank you' for signing up. Text Stop to stop

Hello there! You will now be amongst the first to hear the details of our special events hosted at [business name]. Reply STOP to unsubscribe

Welcome to [business name]’s VIP Text Club. You’ll receive VIP deals no one else gets! Reply 'stop' to opt out

Welcome to [business name] text alerts! Now you will get alerted every time we have a deal so you don't miss out. Hope to see ya soon! Txt stop 2 stop

Welcome to [business name] Deals! Stay tuned for announcements! Opt-out by replying with the word 'stop' at any time.

Welcome to the [business name] family! So glad you're with us. Make sure you follow us on IG [@Instagram handle or link]. Reply 'stop' to stop

Welcome to the [business name] VIP Group! You will receive EXCLUSIVE specials, discounts and promotions. Stay tuned! Text 'stop' to opt out

Welcome to text updates for [business name]! Thanks for joining! Text stop to stop

Hi there! This is [business name]’s text alert system! :) We'll be updating you about SALES, DEALS & NEW PRODUCT RELEASES. Stay tuned! Txt stop 2 stop

Welcome text message example

Sales Message Examples

Text follow-ups can be a simple and interactive way to engage with your leads and guide them through the sales process.

Here are some sales message examples of how you can go about that.

[Percentage] off your subscription if you purchase TODAY! Here’s the link to purchase: [link]

Any questions I can help clear up for you as you’re testing out your free trial? :)

I’d love to walk you through your services! Go ahead and schedule a demo here: [link]

Thanks for downloading our free guide! Try a free test account today: [link]

We noticed your free trial period is up. We hope you enjoyed testing out [product or service]! What’s holding you back from upgrading your free trial right now?

Thanks for your interest in [product or service]! Here are some tutorials to help you get started: [link]

Hi there! How are things going with your free trial? :)

We noticed you haven’t [done step in the sales process] yet. What can I do to help?

salesman texting lead

Promotion Sample Text Messages to Customers

What better way to drive customer engagement with your promotions than texting them directly on their personal phones?

View some example templates below.

FLASH SALE! Everything [percentage] off for the next [period of time] ONLY! Shop here: [link]

Don’t miss out on our [holiday] sale this weekend! [Percentage] off! Visit in-store or online: [link]

CLEARANCE! While supplies last! [Percentage] off all [product or service]. Hurry, don’t miss it! [Link]

Buy one get one [FREE, HALF OFF, etc.] - all [type of product or service]! [Period of time] only. Purchase here: [link]

Text club exclusive - [percentage] off everything! [Period of time] only! Click here to shop: [link]

FREE GIVEAWAY - We’re giving away [free product or number of free products] today! [Action customer must take] for a chance to win.

Let’s make a DEAL - [percentage] off any purchase this weekend! Happy shopping!

Now’s the perfect time to spring for that [product or service] you’ve been wanting. Why? Because all [product or service] are [percentage] off [period of time] ONLY. Stop by or shop online: [link]

NEW! Introducing [new product or service]. To celebrate, we’re giving [percentage] off any orders that include the new [product or service] for [period of time] ONLY. Here’s the link to shop: [link]

Don’t miss out on all we have going on [period of time; i.e. today, this week]! [List of activities, items, specials, etc.]. See you soon!

Text message promotion with increasing sales

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Event Sample Text Messages to Customers

Want a better turnout to your event (whether digital or in-person)?

Sending text reminders can help get more people to show up.

Thus, you’ll have a greater opportunity to showcase the product or service you’re promoting!

DON’T FORGET! Our [webinar or other event] is today at [time]. See you there!

(Click here for more info on SMS reminders for Zoom webinars and meetings.)

Our webinar is in 5 minutes! Click here to join: [link]

You won’t want to miss our [event name] tomorrow at [time]! Be there or be square!

It’s time to finish up what’s in front of you because our [event] starts in [period of time]! Here’s the link to join: [link]

Now’s the time! Your [webinar or other event] starts in T minus [length of time]. (Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!) Click the link and say hi once you’re in: [link]

Hello [event] registrants! Just a reminder that the [event] begins on [day] at [time]. Don’t be late! Excited to see you there!

DON’T FORGET! Our [event name] is [day] at [time] - Catered by [caterer] at [location]. We’ll have [event activities]! See you there.

Don’t forget about [event] starting at [time] tonight at [location]! Please [event instructions]. Hope to see you there!

Unfortunately, due to [reason], the [event] has been cancelled. Sorry, folks! Enjoy some extra time with your friends and family!

Text message bubbles with calendar

Customer Care and Information Sample Text Messages to Customers

Texting just feels a lot more personal than social media posts or emails.

This means that texting gives you a way to really connect with and care for your customers. For example, hotels often send guests text messages upon check-in or arrival to share critical information and welcome customers. Or ecommerce stores could send follow-ups after a purchase to make sure the customer is satisfied.

A greater connection with customers means customers are more likely to stick with you - to purchase from you again.

Which, of course, is good news for you and your business!

Here are some examples of texts that engage in customer care.

Hi there! [Representative’s name] from [business name] here. Just following up on your recent purchase - Did everything go smoothly for you?

Hi there! This is [representative’s name] from [business name]. I wanted to check in to see how you’re liking your new [product or service]?

We’d love to get in touch and see how we can serve you! Can we chat for 10 minutes? Book a call here: [link]

Thanks for your purchase! We’d love to get feedback on your experience. What is one thing we could do to better serve you?

Don’t forget your appointment with [business name] today at [time]! See you soon.

Unfortunately, due to [reason], your appointment with [name or business name] must be canceled today. You can reschedule here or call

Now that you’ve been using your [product or service] for a little while now, how are things going? Any questions or concerns I can help you with?

You’ve got the basics down. Ready to learn more about how to take full advantage of your [product or service]? Here are some ideas: [link]

[Business name] will be closed on [day] due to [reason]. (We’ll be back to normal operations the following day.) Sorry for any inconvenience!

Man with headset sending text message

Loyalty Follow-up Sample Text Messages to Customers

Do you offer some sort of loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases?

If not, you should consider it!

Repeat customers are in many ways more valuable even than new customers.

That kind of repeat loyalty creates more consistency and reliability for your business and is usually the backbone of your revenue.

How can you boost this kind of loyalty via texting?

Get FREE and discounted [products or services] by being a part of our loyalty club! Sign up here: [link]

Thanks for joining our loyalty text club! Enjoy a [free item or discount] just for signing up! Redeem here: [link]

CONGRATS! You’ve earned [number] loyalty stars which means you get a FREE [insert reward]. Show this text to claim your prize!

SO CLOSE! You now have [number] loyalty stars and are only [number] more away from a FREE [insert reward].

Hey you! Yes, you! :) As a valued loyal customer, we’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE [percentage] off your next purchase. Because we so appreciate you and we know saving money makes you feel good inside! Show this text on your next visit or purchase here: [link]

Congratulations on making your [number, i.e. 10th, 50th] purchase with [business name]! As a thank you, please take [percentage] off your next purchase! Click here to redeem: [link]

You’ve been a customer for [length of time] now! Wow, time flies! We appreciate you and want to give you a FREE [item] as a thank you. Redeem here: [link]

Since you’re a member of our loyalty club, we’re giving you a [free or discounted item], just because! :) Enjoy!

Person in drive-thru on phone

Dunning and Payment Reminder Sample Text Messages to Customers

Dunning, the process of contacting customers to collect payment, is never fun! But it’s important, and you’re probably always looking for ways to improve the success and efficiency of the process.

Why not utilize texting?

After all, people pay close attention to their texts. Probably even more so than phone calls in this day and age!

And let’s be honest - Automated dunning texts can save you and your employees from the awkwardness and hassle of having to call customers for payment collection.

Payment was declined for your [service]. Please login and update the card on file to avoid service disruption. Reply with any questions. [Link]

Your [product or service] will be [disabled / canceled] in [number] days if you don't update the card on file. Reply with any questions. [Link]

Hi there! We noticed your invoice was past due. Did you have any questions I could help clarify regarding your order? You can view the invoice here: [link]

We miss you! Please update card info to continue with your [product or service] - [link]

A friendly reminder that your payment is due on [date]. You can view your invoice using the following link, and let us know if you have any questions: [link]

Your payment is scheduled to process automatically on [date]. Let us know if you have any questions!

Text message showing past due payment

Churn Winback Sample Text Messages to Customers

Nothing hurts a businessperson quite as much as losing a customer.

Or, like we call it in the business world, “churn."

But texting can help with this too!

Here are some examples of how.

We miss you! We’d love to hear your feedback. What could we have done to keep you around?

We want you back SO BAD that we’re going to give you [percentage] off just for returning! Want to give us a try again today?

Did you change your mind about wanting to [insert benefit your product or service provides]? It’s not too late to restart services! Here’s your link to get back up and running: [link]

Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but TODAY ONLY, we’ll give you a [percentage] discount if you restart your account. How does that sound?

Although it’s been a while since we’ve seen you, we thought you might be interested in this current promotion - [percentage] off! Check it out here: [link]

We miss you! We're just checking in to see if you knew about our new [product or service]? Interested in giving that a try?

Woman receiving texts as she leaves bakery business

Internal Office Sample Text Messages

Did you know that you can use text alerts not only to boost sales and revenue with your customers but also to help improve efficiency and communication within your own business?

Because nobody likes to waste time on missed emails, forgotten meetings, and inconvenient phone calls!

Using text alerts helps free up stress and hassle.

Don’t forget about the staff meeting at [time] in [room]. (We’ll be discussing some important changes with [meeting topic], so make sure to be there!)

ANNOUNCEMENT - Policies have changed regarding [subject]. To view new updated policies, please see the following link and contact [name, phone number, or email address] with any questions: [link]

ALERT - Offices are closed [today, tomorrow, or a specific date] due to the inclement weather. Stay home and stay safe!

OFFICE HOUR CHANGE - Due to [reason], our office hours [today, tomorrow, or a specific date] will be [timeframe]. Hours are expected to return to normal on [day].

Employee of the Month: Congratulations to [employee name] for [reason]. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed! Keep it up!

We need someone for [shift time] this week. Reply 'available' if you’re able to help!

Reminder: Offices are closed on [date] for the holiday. Enjoy some time with your friends and family!

Today’s meeting will be via Zoom at [time]. Here’s the link to join: [link]

[IT or maintenance item] is currently down until further notice. In the meantime, please [instructions].

Office people texting

Bonus: Professional Text Message Examples

In addition to all of the examples given above, here are some general professional text message examples.

These are examples of how to go about texting in a variety of professional settings.

Good afternoon, [Name], This is a reminder of your upcoming job interview with [Company Name] on [Date] at [Time]. Please reply YES to confirm your attendance. Thank you.

Hi [Name], just letting you know that I've successfully submitted the proposal for [Project Name]. You can view the submission here: [link]

Hi [Name], this is [Name]. Thanks for connecting on LinkedIn! Wanted to just reach out and see if you were still interested in connecting via call to discuss [topic]?

Hello, I am running into issues on the website. [Explain specifically the issues you are experiencing.] Can you help?

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