Textdrip: A Review and Alternative

July 14, 2023 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
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Textdrip is an SMS marketing software and mobile app.

It allows users to set up text drip campaigns to send to customers and leads.

So how does it fare as a tool for sending texts?

I set up a free account on Textdrip to test it out.

Here's how the initial experience went.

New Customer Experience

Textdrip required a few different pieces of information upon signup. Once logged in, the next step was to import contacts into your account database. Upon attempting to import contacts, an error came up that said “Please upload only csv file” (the uploaded file was actually a CSV file).

The same result displayed upon attempting to upload a few different spreadsheets.

(Uploading spreadsheets appears to be the sole way to add in contacts.)

Their mobile app was unable to be tested as it appears to require contacts to be added in first.

There was a live chat box on the web dashboard, so it seems a user can request to get some live help. And the company also sent a “welcome” email with a link to schedule a demo, to help the user get started.

Textdrip Pricing

A user can test the software and app for free. Each Textdrip plan charges $34.99/month for a phone number.

Beyond that $34.99/month fee, pricing is pay-as-you-go at increments of 500 credits, with the service automatically adding more credits if you go below 500 credits on the account.

Like most texting platforms, MMS (picture messages) are billed differently from SMS (“regular” messages).

Textdrip Alternative

With a platform that you can figure out in less than 5 minutes, consider Mobile Text Alerts as an alternative to Textdrip.

Like Textdrip, Mobile Text Alerts allows you to create automated text drip campaigns (and more).

You can send your first text message almost immediately, so that you can test out the platform with confidence - with no need to upload a list of contacts right away. You can just quickly input your own phone number and send a few tests to get a feel for how things work.

Screenshot of sending a text message

You also enjoy the flexibility of multiple opt-in methods for your contacts, so that you can add contacts in a way that works for you.

And if you decide you’d like to move forward after testing the platform, your phone number is included for free with any of the listed plans, so the pricing is a bit more straightforward for lower-tier plans.

How to Get Started with Text Drip Campaigns

Screenshot of text drip campaigns page

Once you have an account set up with Mobile Text Alerts, you can start creating drip campaigns right away (even if you don’t have any contacts added in yet).

You just navigate to the Drip Campaigns page within the platform, and you can create a sequence of messages and delays.

You can then assign these drip campaigns to specific “groups” (or “segments”) you create on your account.

Then, whenever you add a subscriber/contact into the designated group, they’ll start going through your drip campaign’s workflow.

Here’s a step-by-step of how to do it.

Step 1: Name Your Drip Campaign

Screenshot of adding a name to text drip campaign

Click the “Add Drip Campaign” button, and you’ll be prompted to give your campaign a name.

This name is solely for your reference, and you can change this name at any time.

Step 2: Add Messages to Your Campaign

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set password visible
Screenshot of adding a message to a text drip campaign

Click the “Add Message” button to insert a message into your campaign.

You’ll be able to select what time you’d like the message to send, and enter the content for your message.

The message will be saved to your campaign “workflow.”

You can add as many messages into your campaign’s workflow as you’d like. And you can drag the messages to different locations within the workflow.

Step 3: Add Delays to Your Campaign

Screenshot of adding a delay to a text drip campaign

Click the “Add Delay” button to insert delays between your messages.

This means that there will be a gap of however many days you designate between messages, according to how you set it up within the workflow.

You’re able to add as many delays as you would like for your workflow.

Step 4: Assign Your Campaign to a “Group”

Screenshot of adding groups to a text drip campaign

Once your campaign is ready to go, you can assign it to a “group.”

Then whenever you add a contact into that group, they will automatically start on your workflow and will receive the series of messages that you set up in your campaign.

Another optional step is to select a specific date that you’d like your campaign to stop sending messages. After that date, your subscribers will stop receiving any messages within the workflow (no matter at which point in the workflow they’re currently in).

Try Out Text Drip Campaigns for Yourself

You can try out text drip campaigns for yourself for free through Mobile Text Alerts.

Get a 14-day free trial with 50 free messages to try it out today (no credit card needed).

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