SMSes - What It Means & How to Use It [Definition - 2024]

February 23, 2024 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
SMSes - What It Means & How to Use It [Definition - 2024]

SMSes: Definition

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Plural of “SMS.”

Example: How many SMSes did Robert send for the marketing promo yesterday?

Synonyms: Text messages, texts


Third-person singular simple present indicative of “SMS.”

Example: Robert SMSes deals out to our customers regularly.

Synonyms: Texts

SMSes: Usage Notes

“SMSes” as a term is rarely used.

For the noun form, the singular term “SMS” is often itself used in a pluralistic sense. (For example, “Robert sends SMS out to customers often.”) Thus, SMSes may come across as redundant and unnecessary.

For the verb form, “texts” or “sends SMS to” is preferred. (For example, “Robert texts customers as a part of the regular onboarding campaigns.”)

In addition, the term “SMSes” looks strange when visually written or typed out and may be confusing to the reader.

For all of these reasons, we recommend generally avoiding the use of “SMSes.” (See Mary Gormandy White’s advice on pluralizing acronyms ending in s).

What Are SMSes?

An SMS (“short messaging service”) is a basic text message (with no media attached) sent from a messaging app through mobile carrier networks, typically delivered to a receiving mobile device.

SMS is differentiated from other forms of text messaging because it is sent through mobile networks (unlike app-specific texting such as through iMessage) and it contains text only and can only be 160 characters long (unlike MMS, “multimedia messaging service”).

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Why Would Someone Use “SMSes” or “SMS” Instead of “Text Messages”?

While “SMSes” and “text messages” or “texts” would have similar meanings, “SMSes” would be a more technical term referring to a specific type of text messages.

“Text messages” or “texts” could refer to any type of text message—including SMS, MMS, or even messages sent through other messaging apps such as iMessage or Messenger.

In contrast, “SMSes” would refer specifically to text-only messages sent via mobile carrier networks for the purpose of being delivered to a mobile device.

However, as mentioned above (see “Usage Notes”), while “SMS” is common, “SMSes” is not typically used or preferred, particularly in the noun form.

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