SMS Scheduler: A Professional App Review

January 17, 2023 | By Sam Pelton
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Interested in SMS schedulers?

Scheduling text messages is a convenient and sought-after feature among texters.

2 apps that allow for this kind of scheduling are both called, appropriately, SMS Scheduler.

We tested these SMS Scheduler apps, and came up with a list of pros and cons. This evaluation will help you decide if these apps are what you’re looking for in order to schedule your texts.

But first, let’s clarify a few things…

What Is SMS Scheduling in General?

SMS scheduling allows users to select a specific date/time for their text message to be sent.

This means you can send your message at the exact perfect time without having to worry about remembering to manually send it.

This is helpful in a variety of contexts:

  • When you want to send a text at a time you know the recipient will be more likely to see it
  • When you don’t want to send a text too late at night or too early in the morning
  • When you want to send text promotions for your business (or other organization) and want to time them out strategically

What Is “SMS Scheduler”?

SMS Scheduler is the name of a couple of apps that allow the user to schedule a text message to be sent at a later time.

There are 2 separate (unrelated) apps called “SMS Scheduler” - 1 for iOS and 1 for Android.

Both apps are free to download. The iOS app relies on ads to generate income, but it does have a paid version for $2.99/month. It is unclear what benefit the paid version provides, although we could guess that the paid version removes the ads.

We’ll go over the iOS app first.

How Does SMS Scheduler for iOS Work?

The concept behind the iOS SMS Scheduler app (which has the full name of “SMS Scheduler - Auto Reminder”) is quite simple:

  • When you open the app, you’ll see a dashboard that will show you “scheduled” and “sent” messages
  • You can tap to add a new message
  • You’ll then type in or select the contact(s) you’d like to receive your message
    • You can select contacts from your phone’s contact list
  • Next, you’ll choose a date and time
  • Lastly, you’ll type out the content for your message, and tap “schedule”

Now, the major caveat (which isn’t immediately obvious upon downloading the app) is that the message won’t actually send at the scheduled time. Instead, it will pop open the pre-filled message on your phone, so that all you have to do is hit “send.”

And that’s the gist of it.

With all of that knowledge regarding how it works, let’s get into some pros and cons of the app.

iOS App Pros and Cons


  • The app is free (which is always nice!). There’s no cost to download and as far as we can tell, no need to upgrade to the paid version in order to have full access.
  • The app is quite intuitive. It’s easy to use and figure out. You can schedule your first text in less than a minute.
  • The app makes it convenient to set up your text message ahead of time - that way, if now’s not a good time to send the text message you’re thinking of sending, you can have an easy way to make sure you send it later.


  • The app requires ads. And the ads actually make the user interface slightly confusing - The ads have clearly-defined buttons, while scheduling a message just has the word “Schedule” and doesn’t have a button at all (so it’s not immediately clear that the “Schedule” word is clickable, particularly since there’s an ad right underneath).
  • The app doesn’t allow for attachments, so you can’t send images, GIFs, or other media along with your message.
  • The app doesn’t have an easy way to send texts to large groups of people. While it’s true that you can type or select multiple contacts, it’s not a particularly convenient process. (And if you’re trying to schedule messages for your business or organization, your recipients will be stuck in a big group thread, which you don’t want.)
  • The most obvious con is that the app doesn’t actually send the message for you - It just pops open the messaging app with the pre-filled message. So you still have to be actively on your phone at the scheduled time in order to send the message.

Is the iOS App Worth It?

Since it’s a free app, the standards are not too rigid.

With that in mind, SMS Scheduler could be useful if you’re an Apple user who wants to essentially get easy reminders to send personal texts at particular times. (This can also be accomplished through Apple’s native Shortcuts app, but the process is more confusing.)

But if you’re looking to send scheduled texts for your business/organization (or perhaps for a place you volunteer), SMS Scheduler isn’t the way you want to go.

(After we go through the Android app, we’ll go through some alternative options for you, so feel free to scroll down to the “What Are Some Other SMS Scheduler Apps?” section if you want to check those out.)

How Does SMS Scheduler for Android Work?

The concept behind the Android SMS Scheduler app is also simple:

  • When you open the app, you’ll see a dashboard
  • You can tap “Add Schedule” to add a new message
  • You’ll then select the contact(s) you’d like to receive your message
    • You are required to select a contact that already exists in your phone or Google account
  • Next, you’ll choose a date and time
  • Lastly, you’ll type out the content for your message, and tap “Add”

Unlike the iOS app (which merely opens up a pre-filled text message at the scheduled time), this app will actually send the message for you at the scheduled time.

So now let’s get into some pros and cons.

Android App Pros and Cons


  • The app is free, like the iOS app. So no cost to download.
  • The app’s ads are not intrusive.
  • The app is easy to get started. You won’t need to spend hours trying to figure it out.
  • The app makes it even more convenient than the iOS app to set up your text message ahead of time - and will actually send the text for you.


  • Similar to the iOS app, the app doesn’t allow you to attach images, or any other attachment. This limits your capabilities for what you can send.
  • The app doesn’t allow you to manually enter contacts. The contacts must already exist in your phone or Google account, which could be inconvenient.
  • Many users report bugs and issues with the app not actually sending the scheduled messages.
  • Like iOS, there’s not a feasible and convenient way to send texts to large numbers of people (for example, if you’re wanting to send texts for your business or organization).

Is the Android App Worth It?

The Android app is better than the iOS app, because it actually sends the scheduled message.

However, the Android app is in many ways unnecessary because most Android phones now have a scheduling feature built into the native Google Messages or Samsung Messages apps.

So if you want a bit more organization in your personal message scheduling, you could check the SMS Scheduler app out, since it’s free.

But again, if you’re wanting to use something for your business/organization, you’ll need something more robust.

What Are Some Other SMS Scheduler Apps?

Some other apps you can use to schedule personal texts from your phone include the following (note that we can’t vouch for the user-friendliness or functionality of these apps)...


  • The aforementioned Google Messages
  • The aforementioned Samsung Messages
  • Messages Scheduler
  • Schoduler
  • Wasavi


  • Moxy Messenger
  • Reminderbase
  • Kyew
  • Scheduled
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What Should I Use If I Want to Schedule Texts for My Business?

You need an SMS platform if you want to schedule texts for your business or organization. Mobile Text Alerts is a top-rated service built for ease-of-use, focused on customers every step of the way.

The process to schedule an SMS through Mobile Text Alerts is easy, and largely the same as scheduling through the SMS Scheduler apps:

  • Log in to the platform
  • Access the message sending section from your dashboard
  • Select the contact(s) for your message
  • Type out your message
  • Choose the date/time you’d like people to receive the message, and then click “Send”

Your message will be sent automatically at the time you designated, and you won’t have to actively be on your phone in order for it to be sent.

Pros of Mobile Text Alerts vs. SMS Scheduler Apps:

  • You can send texts to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients at once
  • Each recipient receives your text message individually (as opposed to a group text, in which every sees everyone else’s number and receives anyone else’s replies)
  • You can take advantage of all the other features, such as different opt-in methods to build your contact list, contact grouping so that you can send more relevant targeted messages, and the ability to automate texting campaigns
  • You can get a free 1-on-1 consultation with a Mobile Text Alerts expert to get advice tailored to your situation

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