How to Increase Shopify Conversions with Product Videos

November 14, 2023 | By Laura Zamfir (Guest Author)
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. Video content is immensely popular, possessing the innate ability to attract eyeballs, establish an emotional connection, and convey product information essential for making informed buying decisions.

However, in the ecommerce industry, video content remains an under-utilized asset. When used effectively, video content, particularly product videos, can significantly enhance Shopify conversions and keep you well ahead of your competition.

Knowledge without action is meaningless. Instead of lecturing on the benefits of product videos, this article will present top ideas on how to utilize product videos to increase Shopify conversions.

Use Video to Showcase the Product and Highlight the Features

The thrill and incredible feeling of holding a product and examining it from all angles are special. However, product tour videos and product features videos come close to replicating that experience.

Shopify ecommerce websites have turned the convenience of shopping from home into a reality, especially during the pandemic when they became the primary source for shopping.

Lockdowns are now a thing of the past, but you can still enhance Shopify conversion rates by offering videos that provide a 360-degree tour and highlight product features.

Whether you run a home-based ecommerce business or a large global company, all you need is a camera to shoot a product video. Subsequently, edit a video with labeled product parts and listed features to convey all necessary information to prospective buyers.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Video

Apple’s iPhone videos are renowned for showcasing superior products with a clear focus on their star features.

This iPhone video is no different. Its vivid visuals showcase its features and capabilities, creating a ‘wow’ effect while simultaneously educating viewers about its features.

Employ Storytelling to Make Product Videos More Compelling

Nowadays, almost all brands create product videos. As a Shopify business, what’s your primary goal in creating a product video? You want the audience to know and remember your product.

Storytelling increases the chances of viewers remembering your product. According to Jennifer Aaker, information presented as stories is remembered 22 times more than just presenting the facts.

Storytelling will work only when the story/message focuses on the customer’s problem. The essence of the video or the story must reflect the customer’s story.

The product video must highlight the problem faced by the target audience and also show how the product plans to solve the same.

Best practices to follow for blending storytelling with product videos:

  • Keep the video length short and the tone of the content conversational.
  • Avoid technical concepts and jargon.
  • Instead of focusing on product features, present how the product can help the customers.
  • Always include an appropriate call to action.

Duracell ( )

The Duracell hare race video is an oldie but a goldie. This humorous story showcases the long-lasting, durable nature of these batteries. The story here is simple, funny, and conveys the message.

Make the Product Videos Appealing and Interesting

If every brand follows the same product video template, the audience will soon get bored and ignore the videos.

Digging deep into your creative reserves can make product videos fun and entertaining. You don’t have to spend big, need fancy lighting, or use visual effects to engage the audience.

While entertaining the audience, don’t let the fun part distract the audience from the product or marketing message. Keep the focus on the product.

The product must be at the core of the video. Creative product videos can have an amazing impact on conversion.

The BlendTec video marketing campaign is a notable example of mixing product highlights with creativity and entertainment.


In the ‘Will It Blend?’ video campaign, the brand owner, Tom Dickson, demonstrates the quality and durability of his blenders.

In each video, he blends different items, some common and some unusual, to showcase the power of his products.

The campaign went viral, and the brand’s YouTube channel garnered 800,000 subscribers in no time. Tom Dickson also revealed that the creative video campaign also helped drive more sales.

Utilize Product Videos for Selection Advice and Cross-Selling

Product videos serve as a valuable addition to your business plan. Consider incorporating them into your business proposals and customer retention strategy to educate customers, enhance satisfaction, and stimulate additional purchases.

Product awareness is a given, but these videos are equally potent in delighting customers post-purchase. Installation guides, how-to videos, and similar content contribute to forging long-term relationships with customers.

Numerous channels exist for disseminating these product videos to leads and customers. Email marketing and SMS marketing stand out as the two most effective methods for customer outreach.

Email marketing allows direct delivery of product recommendations to inboxes, while SMS marketing services like Mobile Text Alerts enable personalized messages sent directly to customers’ phones.

Moreover, leveraging product videos facilitates offering selection advice and encourages existing customers to explore and purchase related products.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club screenshot

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A notable example illustrating the power of product videos in marketing is the Dollar Shave Club. Those acquainted with the brand are likely familiar with its immensely popular marketing video.

The company employs various strategies to boost product sales. For instance, after a purchase, the ‘Thank you’ email is accompanied by product recommendations (cross-selling). They also include a related-products section in their ‘order status’ and ‘follow up’ emails. These are marketing strategies that can improve conversion among existing customers.

Marketers can send product recommendation videos, which prove more impactful than mere product listings.

Use Product Videos to Provide Additional Value

Another way to increase conversion is by providing additional value to customers through product videos. People- and problem-centric videos will always connect with the audience. Plus, such videos are more likely to attract regular viewers who may eventually convert into paying customers.

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair found videos as the ideal medium to market their brand and provide additional value to their target audience. The company created a 7-figure business using videos alone, primarily through their YouTube channel.

Their YouTube videos were not only used to create awareness about their products but also aimed to inspire and educate prospective customers—mainly young girls—about the latest hairstyles. It was the human element in the product videos that earned the company 2.3 million subscribers.

Shopify doesn’t need a YouTube channel to market product videos that provide additional value. Create a special landing page for a product, and along with product information, you can present how-to and educational video content related to the product you’re trying to sell.

This is one of the best conversion strategies for small Shopify businesses. You can use a smartphone to record how-to videos, use a video editor such as Canva, and publish on YouTube or a landing page.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, ecommerce businesses can easily create product videos. That said, your goal should be to produce videos that increase Shopify conversions.

The ideas mentioned above are simple to implement but insanely effective in making prospective customers act. How?

These ideas work because they add value to the customer’s experience. Now is the time to act. Start making product videos for your Shopify website.

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