Marketing for Black Friday: 1 Tool You're Not Using (with 90+ SMS Examples)

September 21, 2023 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
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Time to get ready for the Black Friday season.

Anyone who’s ever done a Google search on “marketing for Black Friday” can tell you - There’s a lot of advice out there on how to have the most success on Black Friday.

There are lots of tips and long lists of strategies.

And if we’re honest, it can all be… overwhelming.

So let’s simplify it a little and emphasize 1 specific tool you’re not currently using that you could be taking advantage of to get the most out Black Friday: SMS.

But before we get into that, here are some mind-blowing stats to help reinforce the importance of Black Friday for your business…

Why Marketing for Black Friday Matters

Black Friday is a huge day for businesses.

For example, in 2021, 88 million buyers made online purchases and 66.5 million buyers made in-store purchases on Black Friday.

But Black Friday is no longer just a one-day event.

Katherine Cullen, senior director of industry and consumer insights for the National Retail Foundation, says, “[Black Friday has] turned into Black November, a month of doorbuster sales and deals that often spills over into October.”

And “Black November” becomes the catalyst for the Christmas sales rush as well.

$886.7 billion - That’s how much money people spent during the November-December holiday season in 2021, which illustrates Cullen’s point.

To put that number in perspective, that figure is about 110 times the total population of the whole planet.

Retailers in particular sometimes experience issues with too much inventory and may initiate holiday sales early to help clear it out.

So with all of that in mind, marketing for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is crucial to your business’s success.

And as we briefly mentioned, there’s one tool you’re not taking full advantage of that has been reported to yield ROI as high as 2,000%... SMS.

Yes, SMS marketing for Black Friday is a simple yet neglected approach that can have huge results - helping you clear out your inventory and bring in better sales.

But how do you go about it? How can you use SMS marketing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday to see the results you’re looking for?

Let’s go over 5 (non-overwhelming) strategies you can pursue to get the most out of your marketing for Black Friday - as well as 5 specific tips for SMS.

Then we’ll get into some specific, tangible examples of Black Friday marketing texts that businesses send, so that you can get an idea of how to use SMS marketing for your business.

Mind-blowing statistics about black friday

General Marketing for Black Friday: 5 Tips & Strategies

First, let’s go through a handful of Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing strategies that will work across all marketing channels.

These are general principles that are good concepts to follow for all of marketing, but we’ll apply them here to marketing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday specifically.

1. Start Planning (or Implementing) Sooner Rather Than Later

Whether we want to admit it or not, “Black November” comes quick every year.

And some businesses start "Black Friday / Cyber Monday" deals as early as October.

So if you haven’t started planning already, it’s time to start now - no matter what time of year it is.

When planning your marketing for Black Friday, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Take stock of your own inventory (if you sell physical inventory) and determine how much you'll need to get cleared out
  • Establish some measurable goals for the kind of success you want to see from your Black Friday campaigns
  • Determine how much of a discount you can afford to provide
  • Figure out how many deals you want to offer
  • Decide how much pre-Black Friday messaging you want to do (if any)

If you make the effort to do some solid planning ahead of time, you’ll see significantly better results from your Black Friday marketing efforts.

2. Build Anticipation

Whether or not you offer any deals ahead of Black Friday / Cyber Monday, you shouldn’t wait until the day of to get in touch with your customers.

You should build anticipation for your Black Friday deals by teasing your audience ahead of time.

Let them know what to expect so that they look forward to it.

That way, when the time comes to actually send out your deals, your customers will be primed and ready to take advantage of them.

3. Take Advantage of as Many Marketing Channels as Possible

The more you can put yourself out there, the better.

Obviously your ability to use every marketing channel will be limited by your workload, capabilities, budget and other logistics.

But use as many as you can!

These marketing channels include (but are not limited to)...

  • Email
  • Social media
  • SMS
  • Google ads
  • Bing ads
  • Physical mail
  • Radio
  • Television

The list goes on!

Remembering the marketing concept of “The Rule of 7” will help with this.

“The Rule of 7” is not actually a hard-and-fast-rule, but communicates the general principle that your audience needs to hear your message at least 7 times before they will actually purchase.


4. Use Effective Copy

Don’t assume that just slapping a discount onto your marketing copy will make people want to move forward with the deals you offer.

You want to speak your customers’ language as much as you can—speak to their pains, their desires, and their needs.

To do that, you need to know your customers inside and out. You can look through any data you’ve collected from reviews, surveys, testimonials, interviews, or anything else you can get your hands on that would give you insight into your customers’ brains.

You should also know some basics of human psychology, some of which are obvious, such as:

  • People don’t want to part with their money
  • People often respond better when there’s a sense of urgency
  • People generally want to hear less about you and what you offer and more about how it will benefit them

5. Automate as Much as You Can

Most marketing tools will have automation options to help make your life easier.

You can pre-schedule your campaigns ahead of time so that you can frontload your work beforehand, and then focus on actually selling when the time comes.

As mentioned above, this requires planning. And it may be more effort upfront, but it’s worth it in the long run - so that you’re not scrambling under pressure trying to send out messages last minute.

SMS Marketing for Black Friday: 5 Tips & Strategies

Now that we’ve gone through some general marketing strategies for Black Friday, let’s go over some tips related to an underused and highly effective channel: SMS.

1. Use the Power of Texting Responsibly

SMS is an extremely powerful marketing tool. With open rates as high as 98%, texting is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to communicate.

People constantly check their phones and read each and every one of their text messages. (Just think of your own texting habits—how often do you leave a text message unread for any length of time?)

That being said, there is the danger of abuse. With emails, people have trained themselves to ignore the majority of the messages they receive. So they don’t get too irritated by marketing emails, because what’s one more thing to clutter up their already messy inbox?

Their texting inbox, on the other hand, is a more sacred space. People only want to receive texts that they really want.

So when you’re marketing for Black Friday via SMS, make sure you’re not spamming customers with text after text after text after text. (Unless you know that’s what they really want!)

Know your customers’ expectations and desires so that you don’t harm your brand or cause people to unsubscribe before you even get to Black Friday.

It’s difficult to measure success unless you have something trackable.

You could send texts and see a big increase in sales, but how do you definitively correlate the success to the text that you sent?

One of the best ways to help you attribute the success of your marketing for Black Friday is to use trackable links in your texts.

This will allow you to see who all has clicked your links. You can insert these links and do this tracking from directly within your texting platform.

(You can even set up trackable UTM links if you want to get more insight and tracking within Google Analytics.)

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3. Keep It Simple

Texting is a simple marketing medium.

You can’t include customized colors, tons of graphics, or particularly tailored formatting like you can on other mediums such as emails and webpages.

While that may sound like a bad thing, it can actually work to your advantage.

Text marketing generally works best when your texts are simple. Conciseness is the name of the game when it comes to SMS.

So don’t write a novel - give your customers a straightforward and valuable message that will draw them in. And give them an easy call-to-action they can follow to take advantage of your Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal.

4. Use Incentives to Get People to Subscribe

If you don’t already have a text list, you’ll need a way to hook people in and get them to subscribe to your texts.

The promise of upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals may be enough for some people.

But for others, you may have to sweeten the deal a bit more.

You could incentivize people by…

  • Offering a free item instantly, as soon as they subscribe
  • Giving a discount for the next visit or next purchase
  • Entering customers into a giveaway for a grand prize

You’re obviously not trying to trick people with this. You should still make it clear that they’re signing up for marketing texts.

But providing added incentives increase the chances that people will actually be willing to add themselves to your list.

5. Use SMS Automation Tools

Automation is one of mankind’s best friends.

Automation allows you to take advantage of the benefits of a marketing option without actually having to do all the work manually.

And this concept applies to SMS marketing for Black Friday as well.

Automation tools like scheduled messaging, drip campaigns, and “Smart Replies” help free up your time so you can focus on other revenue-generating efforts.

Happy person texting

SMS Marketing for Black Friday: Specific Examples

Thinking and planning regarding SMS marketing for Black Friday is all well and good.

But how does it actually look in real life?

Below are some examples based on real customers. (Identifying information has been removed.)

Note that the content for these texts won’t work across the board for every business - but they are some tangible examples of ways that real businesses have used SMS marketing for Black Friday in the past.

Examples of Pre-Black Friday Promotions

​​Black Friday in October Sale happening ALL WEEK! Use code: [promo code]. Excludes: [specific website tabs]. [Link]

The Black Friday Deals Guide is here! We’ll post more deals on IG stories all day! [Link]

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Black Friday Sale! Now - Nov 30th. Save on selected products: [link]


LIVE WITH [name]! Launching a [new product], [new supplier], AND A BLACK FRIDAY EARLY SPECIAL! Free gift with every purchase!!! [Link]

Black Friday Launch is here!!! DEALS GALORE! Kickin Nov off w/ massive deals!! [link]

[Company name] LIVE! We couldn’t wait!! EARLY BLACK FRIDAY CRAZY DISCOUNTS NOW!! Code: [code] plus, [item] speed round!! It’s really good! I promise!!

Don't forget about our special today, spend $100 & you get 1st dibs into our Black Friday Sale!!! This can be a combination of [product] & [product]! Shop here: [Product 1] - [link] [Product 2] - [link]

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Daily Black Friday Specials are posting everyday in November at 10am! RSVP here: [link]

Examples of Texts Promoting Upcoming Black Friday Deals

Yassss! You're in babe! You'll have VIP access to our Black Friday offers!

Hey [name]! Thank you so much for jumping in. We actually have some fantastic deals coming for Black Friday. Want the details?

Welcome to my VIP Black Friday deals. Now you will know before anyone else and get first chance to preorder! Happy Holiday Shopping. Stay tuned for giveaway info too!!

Welcome to our Black Friday message alerts. We are so excited to have you in our 'know it first' group. You will receive your first message starting November 1st with information on the first bundle.

Hey! It's [name] at [business name]! Thank you for signing up for text alerts. You'll be one of the first to know when our Black Friday Sale starts!

Hey! Are you ready for our Black Friday Sale? [Business name] will be holding a Black Friday Sale up to 50% OFF all Items! SO GET THOSE LISTS READY - THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST SALE THIS YEAR

Black Friday deals are just around the corner! Friday, November 26th, 8:00AM CST [link]

Upcoming Black Friday sale: All 50% items will be 70% off. All 30% items will be 50% off. Come see all the sales on Friday!

Stop by [business name] on Black Friday for our big sale! Almost everything will be on sale. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Examples of Simple and Straightforward Black Friday Promotions


Black Friday Sale!

Restock! [Product names]. Black Friday Sale Going on Now!

Shop Black Friday - 1/2 off on [product]! [link]

[Name] here with a CRAZY Black Friday Special! Check it out now: [link]

BLACK FRIDAY!! 50% off [link]

Examples of “Percentage Off” Black Friday Promotions

LAST CALL for [product] & our Black Friday Doorbuster over 50% OFF! [Link]

Black Friday Sale! [Link] - Up to 25% OFF [product] (No Code Required) 5% OFF [other product] - Promo Code: [code]

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Awesome Black Friday Doorbusters & 15% off all [product type] @ [link] & in store. Code [promo code] thru Monday. Mimosas in store Friday!

Blowout Deals! [Business name] - 50% OFF Black Friday Blowout! Everything is 50% off! Use Code: [promo code] - Super Limited! [Llink]

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Examples of LIVE Black Friday Promotions

Happy Friday Ladies! Join us LIVE for another AMAZING Black Friday sale! Have those fast fingers ready! [Link]

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Other Misc. Black Friday Promotion Examples

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping! These deals are for New and or Current Customers... We have free Product Swag that comes with your purchase of a new [product name]. We have Previous SOLD OUT [products]; [specific products] back for a limited time! Also keep your eyes open for some Cyber Monday deals! First 3 people who [sign up] or refer someone get your choice of [product] or [other product] with an [specific product]! Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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Examples of Post-Black Friday Promotions

BLACK FRIDAY SALE EXTENDED until Monday 11:59pm CST. Grab those deals while they last. Check them out here: [link]

[Business name] We've extended our Black Friday deal for 25% OFF the entire store. Check us out from 8am-6pm!

BOGO FREE in our Black Friday Category!! SCORE some big finds! [Business name]

Black Friday sales are going on through Cyber Monday! Shop at [link]

Examples of Cyber Monday Promotions

Cyber Monday savings at [business name]! 30% off Black Friday collection (no code needed). 40% off all other collections (code: [promo code]). 75% [specific product] ONLY (code: [promo code]). (Sales cannot be combined)

50% OFF for Cyber Monday!! Use Code: [promo code] on app and website! Excludes [product] & [other product] Expires: 2 pm EST. Happy Shopping!

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