How Jamie Uses SMS to Keep Employees Safe

April 6, 2023 (Updated) | By Jake Meador
How Jamie Uses SMS to Keep Employees Safe

Jamie Hunsaker works in the human resources department at an electronic manufacturing company, Aisin Electronics Illinois, LLC.

We needed better and faster communication among employees. To solve this problem, Jamie signed up for Mobile Text Alerts in January of 2019 and has used it regularly to send important mass text messages to Aisin's employees.

What problem were you looking to solve before you came across Mobile Text Alerts?

"We were looking to build our communication between our team members. Mobile Text Alerts has definitely allowed us to bridge the gap between management and non-management team members."

What were your concerns about mass SMS messaging before you signed up?

"In the beginning, we were concerned about getting our employees to sign up. It did take some time, but with Mobile Text Alerts giveaway feature, we were able to sign up almost 90% of our members."

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What was the onboarding process like after you signed up?

"The onboarding process was simple. There was a phone call too, but things were self-explanatory. We were able to communicate via email as well. The mobile chat option is a great way to receive answers quickly."

How has Mobile Text Alerts helped you?

"Mobile Text Alerts has been very beneficial to our company by assisting in communication. This has been a great feature especially with the ... COVID-19 pandemic. We are able to send out messages immediately to our team members. They are also able to respond via text, if necessary."

What do you message your employees about?

"We have been messaging our team members with information about benefits, health information, COVID-19 information, plant closures, and unemployment information. Overall, it has been really successful for our company and our team members are able to receive quick responses regarding ongoing changes in our company."

Why should other HR managers consider signing up for Mobile Text Alerts?

"Mobile Texting Alerts is a great feature for all HR departments. We have implemented SMS subscribing in our onboarding process and we have had a great response. It is a quick and easy way to keep team members 'in the know' about ongoing and unexpected changes."

"I would highly recommend using Mobile Text Alerts to every company. The benefits are great and the cost is minimal for such a huge reward. I have been very impressed and will continue to use Mobile Text Alerts in the future."

Join Jamie and other Human Resource/Safety Managers in keeping employees safe with SMS alerts. Learn More about SMS for Manufacturing Companies

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