230+ Emoji Meanings 2024 - Emoji Guide: How to Use Emojis

March 6, 2024 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
230+ Emoji Meanings 2024 - Emoji Guide: How to Use Emojis

We live in a world of emojis.

What started off as simple emoticons years ago—remember :) ?—has expanded into a pictorial smorgasbord of thousands of cutesy faces, characters, and symbols that help give a spark of personality to texting conversations.

(To date, there are 3,664 emojis available in the United States.)

In the absence of body language, emojis can be an aid to clearer communication, helping convey “tone of voice.”

That is, if you know what the emojis mean

So what do all these different emojis mean? In this guide, we’ll walk you through over 230 emoji meanings. (You’ll find them categorized by type for easy reference.)

Go ahead and dive into the world of emojis by clicking the link for the category you’re most curious about!

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What Are Emojis?

Emojis are small images that are used in text conversation to help convey meaning, emotion, and tone.

Emojis, then, are the “body language” of written communication.

Emojis are becoming more and more acceptable in a variety of situations beyond simply personal conversations. They are also now considered acceptable in many workplace environments for texting or chat conversations between colleagues, and even in communicating with customers in some contexts.

Regardless of the circumstance in which you’re using emojis, the key is to make sure your intended recipient understands the meaning of what you’re trying to convey.

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Face Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
😂Face with Tears of JoyUsed to indicate laughter or extreme amusement.
😍Heart EyesExpresses intense admiration, love, or infatuation.
🤔Thinking FaceRepresents contemplation, curiosity, or pondering a question.
😊Smiling Face with Smiling EyesConveys genuine happiness or friendliness.
🥰Smiling Face with HeartsShows affection, joy, and excitement.
😭Loudly Crying FaceDepicts intense sadness, heartbreak, or overwhelming emotions.
🤣Rolling on the Floor LaughingIndicates uncontrollable laughter and amusement.
😎Smiling Face with SunglassesRepresents coolness, confidence, or nonchalance.
🥺Pleading FaceUsed to express a pleading or begging emotion.
🤗Hugging FaceDepicts a warm hug, affection, or friendliness.
🤩Star-StruckExpresses amazement, admiration, or being impressed.
🤐Zipper-Mouth FaceIndicates keeping a secret, silence, or holding back words.
🙃Upside-Down FaceRepresents playfulness, sarcasm, or an alternate perspective.
🥳Party PopperUsed to celebrate and express excitement for special occasions.
😜Winking Face with TongueImplies joking, teasing, or playfulness.
😅Grinning Face with SweatIndicates nervous laughter or relief after overcoming a challenge.
😑Expressionless FaceRepresents a lack of emotion, indifference, or annoyance.
😏Smirking FaceConveys a sly, mischievous, or self-satisfied attitude.
🤑Money-Mouth FaceDepicts wealth, success, or a money-related topic.
🤭Face with Hand Over MouthRepresents surprise, shock, or covering up a secret.
😴Sleeping FaceIndicates sleepiness, boredom, or disinterest.
😷Face with Medical MaskUsed to signify illness, protection, or health precautions.
🤢Nauseated FaceDepicts feeling sick, disgusted, or repulsed.
😤Face with Steam From NoseRepresents frustration, anger, or annoyance.
😕Confused FaceIndicates puzzlement, uncertainty, or being lost.
😳Flushed FaceConveys embarrassment, shyness, or surprise.
🥴Woozy FaceRepresents dizziness or feeling disoriented.
🤯Exploding HeadDepicts being overwhelmed with amazement, shock, or disbelief.
😇Smiling Face with HaloConveys innocence, virtue, or being angelic.
😰Anxious Face with SweatIndicates worry, stress, or nervousness.
🥵Hot FaceRepresents feeling extremely hot, either due to weather or emotions.
🥶Cold FaceDepicts feeling extremely cold or emotionally distant.
😓Downcast Face with SweatConveys disappointment, relief, or exhaustion.
😩Weary FaceRepresents tiredness, frustration, or being overwhelmed.
😠Angry FaceIndicates anger, annoyance, or strong dissatisfaction.
😖Confounded FaceConveys distress, frustration, or feeling perplexed.
😪Sleepy FaceIndicates sleepiness, tiredness, or boredom.
😵Dizzy FaceRepresents feeling dizzy, disoriented, or lightheaded.
🤪Crazy FaceConveys a sense of wildness, fun, or eccentricity.
🤔Thinking FaceDepicts deep contemplation, reflection, or curiosity.
🤓Nerd FaceIndicates intelligence, enthusiasm for learning, or geekiness.
😧Anguished FaceConveys extreme distress, pain, or sorrow.
🥺Pleading FaceRepresents a heartfelt plea, vulnerability, or a cute expression.
🤗Hugging FaceDepicts a warm hug, affection, or friendliness.
😱Screaming FaceDepicts extreme shock, fear, or astonishment.

Hand Gesture Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🙌Raising HandsUsed to celebrate success, excitement, or to show praise.
🙏Folded HandsRepresents prayer, gratitude, or a request for help.
👍Thumbs UpRepresents approval, agreement, or a positive affirmation.
👎Thumbs DownIndicates disapproval, disagreement, or a negative sentiment.
✌️Victory HandConveys victory, peace, or a two-finger salute.
🤞Crossed FingersRepresents hoping for good luck or success.
🖐️Raised HandIndicates a greeting, stopping, or a hand gesture.
🤝HandshakeDepicts a friendly agreement, partnership, or cooperation.
🤟Love-You GestureRepresents love, affection, or "I love you."
🤘Sign of the HornsConveys rock-and-roll or coolness.
🖖Vulcan SaluteRecognizes the "Star Trek" greeting or a sign of peace.

Food Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🍇GrapesRepresents grapes, symbolizing fruitfulness, abundance, or wine.
🍈MelonConveys a melon, symbolizing refreshment, sweetness, or summertime.
🍉WatermelonDepicts a watermelon, symbolizing summer, thirst-quenching, or picnics.
🍊TangerineRepresents a tangerine or orange, symbolizing citrus, vitality, or energy.
🍋LemonConveys a lemon, symbolizing sourness, brightness, or cleansing.
🍌BananaDepicts a banana, symbolizing fruit, energy, or a playful tone.
🍍PineappleRepresents a pineapple, symbolizing hospitality, exoticism, or welcoming.
🍎Red AppleConveys a red apple, symbolizing education, health, or temptation.
🍏Green AppleDepicts a green apple, symbolizing nature, freshness, or choices.
🍐PearRepresents a pear, symbolizing health, a delicate nature, or maturity.
🍒CherriesDepicts cherries, symbolizing indulgence, or duality.
🍓StrawberryRepresents a strawberry, symbolizing sweetness, love, or small pleasures.
🍅TomatoConveys a tomato, symbolizing vegetables, culinary delights, or summer.
🌶️Hot PepperRepresents a hot pepper, symbolizing spiciness, excitement, or intensity.
🫑Bell PepperConveys a bell pepper, symbolizing color, flavor, or variety.
🌽CornDepicts a corn ear, symbolizing harvest, agriculture, or simplicity.
🍞BreadConveys bread, symbolizing sustenance, basic needs, or simplicity.
🥐CroissantDepicts a croissant, symbolizing breakfast, French culture, or delicacy.
🥖Baguette BreadRepresents a baguette, symbolizing France, cuisine, or tradition.
🥨PretzelConveys a pretzel, symbolizing snacks, twists, or baked goods.
🥯BagelDepicts a bagel, symbolizing breakfast, Jewish culture, or roundness.
🥞PancakesRepresents pancakes, symbolizing breakfast, comfort, or indulgence.
🧀Cheese WedgeConveys a cheese wedge, symbolizing dairy, flavor, or richness.
🍖Meat on BoneDepicts meat on a bone, symbolizing food, sustenance, or feasting.
🍗Poultry LegRepresents a poultry leg, symbolizing food, BBQ, or protein.
🥩Cut of MeatConveys a cut of meat, symbolizing cooking, dining, or choice.
🥓BaconDepicts bacon, symbolizing breakfast, indulgence, or sizzle.
🍔HamburgerRepresents a hamburger, symbolizing fast food, satisfaction, or craving.
🍟French FriesConveys French fries, symbolizing fast food, comfort, or side dish.
🍕PizzaDepicts a pizza slice, symbolizing food, sharing, or casual dining.
🌭Hot DogRepresents a hot dog, symbolizing casual food, BBQ, or outdoor events.
🥪SandwichDepicts a sandwich, symbolizing meals, lunch, or a quick bite.
🌮TacoDepicts a taco, symbolizing Mexican cuisine, flavor, or street food.
🍱Bento BoxConveys a bento box, symbolizing Japanese cuisine, variety, or lunch.
🍲Pot of FoodDepicts a pot of food, symbolizing cooking, meals, or sustenance.
🍛Curry RiceRepresents curry rice, symbolizing Indian cuisine, flavor, or spice.
🍜Steaming BowlConveys a steaming bowl, symbolizing warmth, comfort, or soup.
🍝SpaghettiDepicts spaghetti, symbolizing Italian cuisine, long noodles, or twirls.
🍠Roasted Sweet PotatoRepresents a roasted sweet potato, symbolizing autumn or comfort food.
🍢OdenConveys oden, a Japanese hot pot dish, symbolizing warmth or comfort.
🍣SushiDepicts sushi, symbolizing Japanese cuisine, elegance, or seafood.
🍤Fried ShrimpRepresents fried shrimp, symbolizing seafood, snacks, or indulgence.
🍥Fish Cake with SwirlConveys a fish cake with swirl, a common ingredient in Asian dishes, symbolizing flavor, texture, or variety.
🍡DangoDepicts dango, a Japanese sweet treat, symbolizing traditional snacks or simplicity.
🍦Soft Ice CreamConveys soft-serve ice cream, symbolizing dessert, treats, or summer.
🍧Shaved IceRepresents shaved ice, often flavored with syrup, symbolizing coolness or refreshment.
🍨Ice CreamDepicts a scoop of ice cream, symbolizing dessert, happiness, or enjoyment.
🍩DoughnutConveys a doughnut, symbolizing sweets, indulgence, or a ring shape.
🍪CookieRepresents a cookie, symbolizing treats, comfort, or sharing.
🎂Birthday CakeConveys a birthday cake, symbolizing celebrations, milestones, or birthdays.
🍰ShortcakeRepresents a slice of shortcake, symbolizing dessert, celebrations, or special occasions.
🧁CupcakeDepicts a cupcake, symbolizing sweetness, celebrations, or small indulgences.
🍫Chocolate BarConveys a chocolate bar, symbolizing treats, comfort, or indulgence.
🍬CandyRepresents candy, symbolizing sweetness, treats, or childhood memories.
🍭LollipopConveys a lollipop, symbolizing sweets, enjoyment, or a playful mood.
🍮CustardDepicts a custard dessert, symbolizing comfort, sweetness, or indulgence.
Hot BeverageRepresents a cup of hot beverage, such as coffee or tea, symbolizing warmth or relaxation.
🍵Teacup without HandleConveys a teacup without a handle, symbolizing tea, relaxation, or mindfulness.
🍶SakeDepicts a sake bottle, symbolizing Japanese rice wine or celebration.
🍼Baby BottleRepresents a baby bottle, symbolizing infancy, care, or parenthood.
🍻Clinking Beer MugsConveys clinking beer mugs, symbolizing toasting, celebration, or friendship.
🥂Clinking GlassesDepicts clinking champagne glasses, symbolizing toasting, celebrations, or special occasions.
🥃Tumbler GlassRepresents a tumbler glass, often used for whiskey or cocktails, symbolizing drinks or relaxation.
🍷Wine GlassConveys a wine glass, symbolizing wine, sophistication, or relaxation.
🍸Cocktail GlassDepicts a cocktail glass, symbolizing cocktails, parties, or socializing.
🍹Tropical DrinkRepresents a tropical drink with an umbrella, symbolizing vacation, relaxation, or exotic flavors.
🍺Beer MugConveys a beer mug, symbolizing beer, socializing, or casual enjoyment.
🧂SaltConveys a salt shaker, symbolizing seasoning, flavor, or preservation.
🍯Honey PotRepresents a honey pot, symbolizing sweetness, nature, or comfort.

Character Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🤷Shrugging ShouldersConveys uncertainty, confusion, or lack of knowledge.
🤖Robot FaceRepresents a robot or a playful reference to technology.
🧜‍♀️MermaidRepresents a mermaid or signifies beauty, mystery, or the sea.
🧜‍♂️MermanDepicts a merman or represents aquatic allure and masculinity.
🧚FairyConveys a fairy or symbolizes magic, enchantment, or a mystical aura.
🧝ElfRepresents an elf or signifies fantasy, wisdom, or nature.
🧙‍♂️WizardDepicts a wizard or represents magic or knowledge.
🧛‍♂️VampireConveys a vampire or signifies darkness, mystery, or eternal life.
🧟‍♂️ZombieRepresents a zombie or signifies horror, decay, or the undead.
🦹‍♂️SupervillainDepicts a supervillain or signifies mischief, chaos, or power.
🦸‍♂️SuperheroConveys a superhero or represents bravery, justice, or heroism.

Animal Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🦄Unicorn FaceConveys uniqueness, fantasy, or something rare.
🐶Dog FaceDepicts a dog or represents loyalty, companionship, or cuteness.
🐱Cat FaceRepresents a cat or signifies independence, curiosity, or playfulness.
🐼Panda FaceConveys a panda or symbolizes gentleness, calmness, or black-and-white thinking.
🐵Monkey FaceDepicts a monkey or represents playful behavior, mischief, or cleverness.
🦁Lion FaceRepresents a lion or symbolizes strength, courage, or leadership.
🐯Tiger FaceConveys a tiger or signifies power, fierceness, or determination.
🐰Rabbit FaceDepicts a rabbit or symbolizes fertility, speed, or cuteness.
🐻Bear FaceRepresents a bear or signifies strength, protection, or a cozy feeling.
🦊Fox FaceConveys a fox or symbolizes cleverness, adaptability, or cunning.
🦓Zebra FaceRepresents a zebra or signifies balance, individuality, or uniqueness.
🐮Cow FaceDepicts a cow or represents calmness, gentleness, or a rural vibe.
🐷Pig FaceConveys a pig or symbolizes indulgence, playfulness, or messiness.
🐸Frog FaceRepresents a frog or signifies transformation, rebirth, or adaptability.
🦖T-RexDepicts a Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur or symbolizes ancient times, power, or fear.
🦕SauropodRepresents a sauropod dinosaur or signifies ancient times, enormity, or stability.
🐔ChickenDepicts a chicken or represents fearfulness, timidity, or food.
🐦BirdConveys a bird or symbolizes freedom, communication, or watching over.
🐧PenguinRepresents a penguin or signifies adaptability, community, or cold environments.
🦅EagleRepresents an eagle or signifies strength, vision, or majesty.
🦉OwlDepicts an owl or represents wisdom, intuition, or nocturnal traits.
🦆DuckConveys a duck or symbolizes resourcefulness, adaptability, or playfulness.
🦚PeacockRepresents a peacock or signifies beauty, pride, or elegance.
🦜ParrotDepicts a parrot or symbolizes communication, mimicry, or tropical vibes.
🦢SwanConveys a swan or represents grace, elegance, or transformation.
🕊️Dove of PeaceSymbolizes peace, hope, purity, or a message of goodwill.
🦩FlamingoDepicts a flamingo or signifies vibrancy, balance, or standing out.

Nature Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🌊Water WaveRepresents water, the ocean, or signifies fluidity and movement.
💧DropletConveys a single water droplet, symbolizing liquid or a tear.
🔥FireConveys fire or heat, symbolizing passion, destruction, or energy.
🌋VolcanoDepicts a volcano, symbolizing eruption, power, or intensity.
🌴Palm TreeConveys a palm tree, symbolizing a tropical or relaxing environment.
🌵CactusRepresents a cactus, symbolizing endurance or the desert.
🌾Sheaf of RiceDepicts a bundle of rice, symbolizing agriculture or sustenance.
🌼BlossomConveys a flower in bloom, symbolizing growth, beauty, or spring.
🍂Fallen LeafDepicts a fallen leaf, symbolizing autumn or change.
🌷TulipRepresents a tulip, symbolizing spring, elegance, or romance.
🌱SeedlingConveys a young plant sprout, symbolizing growth or new beginnings.
🍁Maple LeafDepicts a maple leaf, symbolizing autumn or Canadian identity.
🍃Leaf Fluttering in WindRepresents a leaf blowing in the wind, symbolizing change or fragility.
🍄MushroomConveys a mushroom, symbolizing nature, growth, or fantasy.
🌍Earth Globe Europe-AfricaRepresents the Earth, symbolizing the planet, global issues, or travel.
🌎Earth Globe AmericasDepicts the Earth from the Americas perspective.
🌏Earth Globe Asia-AustraliaDepicts the Earth from the Asia and Australia perspective.
🌝Full Moon with FaceDepicts a full moon with a face, symbolizing night or a playful mood.
🌚New Moon with FaceRepresents a new moon with a face, symbolizing darkness or secrecy.
🌑New MoonConveys a new moon, symbolizing beginnings, renewal, or mystery.
🌒Waxing Crescent MoonDepicts a waxing crescent moon, symbolizing growth or transition.
🌓First Quarter MoonRepresents the first quarter moon phase, symbolizing progress.
🌔Waxing Gibbous MoonConveys a waxing gibbous moon phase, symbolizing advancement.
🌕Full MoonDepicts a full moon, symbolizing completion, fulfillment, or illumination.
🌖Waning Gibbous MoonRepresents the waning gibbous moon phase.
🌗Last Quarter MoonDepicts the last quarter moon phase, symbolizing reflection.
🌘Waning Crescent MoonConveys the waning crescent moon phase, symbolizing release.
🌙Crescent MoonRepresents a crescent moon, symbolizing the night or dreams.
🌛First Quarter Moon FaceRepresents the first quarter moon with a face, symbolizing optimism.
🌜Last Quarter Moon FaceDepicts the last quarter moon with a face, symbolizing reflection.

Weather Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🌞Sun with FaceRepresents the sun, sunshine, happiness, or warmth.
☁️CloudRepresents a cloud, symbolizing overcast weather or vagueness.
🌧️Cloud with RainDepicts a cloud with rain, representing rainy weather.
Sun Behind CloudRepresents partly cloudy weather or a mix of sun and clouds.
🌤️Sun Behind Small CloudConveys partly sunny weather or a bit of sunshine.
⛈️Cloud with Lightning and RainDepicts a thunderstorm with lightning and rain.
❄️SnowflakeRepresents snow, winter, or cold weather.
☃️SnowmanDepicts a snowman, symbolizing winter or the holiday season.
🌨️Cloud with SnowConveys snowy weather or the possibility of snow.
💨Dashing AwayRepresents speed, leaving quickly, or a gust of wind.
🌪️TornadoDepicts a tornado, symbolizing danger or chaos.
🌫️FogDepicts foggy weather or a sense of haziness.
🌬️Wind FaceRepresents wind blowing, indicating breezy weather.

Object Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
🍾Bottle with Popping CorkConveys a bottle with a popping cork, symbolizing celebration, success, or achievements.
🥄SpoonRepresents a spoon, symbolizing eating, cooking, or a utensil.
🍴Fork and KnifeConveys a fork and knife, symbolizing dining, eating, or a meal.
🍽️Fork and Knife with PlateDepicts a fork and knife beside a plate, symbolizing dining or a meal.
🥢ChopsticksRepresents chopsticks, symbolizing Asian cuisine, culture, or eating.
🚀RocketConveys a rocket, symbolizing speed, progress, or ambition.
🛸Flying SaucerDepicts a flying saucer, symbolizing extraterrestrial or futuristic themes.
🛰️SatelliteRepresents a satellite, symbolizing technology, communication, or observation.
🌡️ThermometerConveys a thermometer, symbolizing temperature, health, or measurement.
⏱️StopwatchConveys a stopwatch, symbolizing timing, speed, or competition.
🔗LinkRepresents a link symbol, symbolizing connections, relationships, or unity.

Symbol Emoji Meanings

DescriptionsEmoji Meanings
❤️Red HeartRepresents love, affection, or deep emotional connections.
💥CollisionDepicts a collision or explosion, symbolizing impact or sudden change.
🌐Globe with MeridiansRepresents the Earth's meridians and parallels, symbolizing global connectivity.
💫DizzyRepresents dizziness or a disoriented state, symbolizing confusion or bewilderment.
💢Anger SymbolConveys an anger symbol, symbolizing frustration, annoyance, or intensity.
💦Sweat DropletsDepicts sweat droplets, symbolizing physical exertion, nervousness, or humidity.
💬Speech BalloonConveys a speech balloon, symbolizing speech, conversation, or communication.
💭Thought BalloonRepresents a thought balloon, symbolizing thinking, contemplation, or ideas.
💤ZzzConveys sleep or snoring, symbolizing tiredness, boredom, or disinterest.
No Entry SignConveys a no entry sign, symbolizing restricted access or prohibition.
🚫ProhibitedDepicts a prohibited sign, symbolizing restrictions, rules, or bans.
🎵Musical NoteRepresents a musical note, symbolizing music, harmony, or sound.
🎶Musical NotesConveys musical notes, symbolizing music, rhythm, or melody.
Cross MarkConveys a cross mark, symbolizing rejection, incorrectness, or deletion.
Exclamation MarkRepresents an exclamation mark, symbolizing emphasis, surprise, or urgency.
Question MarkConveys a question mark, symbolizing inquiry, uncertainty, or curiosity.
High VoltageRepresents a high voltage sign, symbolizing electricity, energy, or power.
🌀CycloneRepresents a cyclone, symbolizing storms, turbulence, or change.

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