This Colorado City Found SMS to Be A Better Way to Communicate

August 14, 2022 | By Aaron Nicholson
This Colorado City Found SMS to Be A Better Way to Communicate

Speeding Up Communication

Bobby Cuomo is a media systems administrator for the city government in Pueblo, CO, population 110,000.

He has been using Mobile Text Alerts for internal communications within the city government for almost a year. They had found that email wasn’t really cutting it anymore for their needs and so they wanted to find something more reliable.

A lot of times [people] just aren’t looking at their email

This has made all sorts of internal communication more difficult for the city, everything from when the office might be closed due to inclement weather to COVID-related emergencies and notifications.

With a text alert - boom! - there it is. It’s a better way to communicate.

Use-Case for City Employees

Cuomo is not the only Pueblo city employee benefitting from texting. He reported that their head of IT liked to use texting to remind employees of meeting appointments.

Even though they’re on our calendar, [if] half the department is out in the field... they don’t really pay attention to their calendars all that much. So this works really well.

Use-Case for Citizens

The city’s mayor is also interested in potentially rolling out text alerts on a city-wide level.

Our mayor is really interested in being able to send out information [to citizens], asking questions and having people actually reply back. He’s really eager to get this going.

Templates Make Messaging Easy

Amongst Cuomo’s favorite features are the message templates which allow him to create a few stock messages that he can then use over and over. He can do this by simply by swapping out date-and-time information, location information, and so on.

It’s easy and so fast to create templates. If it’s a meeting update or something like that, I have a template all made. I just pop in the information that’s needed. I made it for my boss and she’s loving it.

Cuomo said his team also uses the groups segmentation feature, which allows each division within the city’s government to have their own messaging groups they use to communicate information just for that one team or division.

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