Best Performing 2022 Black Friday SMS to Learn From for 2023

October 16, 2023 | By Sam Pelton
Examples of Black Friday texts

How much have you thought about the potential value of using SMS for Black Friday?

After all, how impactful could your Black Friday promotions be if people actually received them right in front of their faces on their phones?

(Consider that online retail consumers spent $9.12 billion last year on Black Friday—showcasing the importance of reaching people via phones in a mobile-savvy society.)

But with any marketing channel there’s always the question of what’s the best way to go about it.

What’s the most effective way to use SMS to boost Black Friday sales?

In this guide, we’ll analyze some of the top-performing Black Friday SMS that our customers sent last year and see what we can learn about how to maximize texting for your own Black Friday efforts.

(The following message examples have been edited for privacy and clarity.)

5 Examples of Highest-Performing SMS

Sweet ‘n Simple

Simple Black Friday Text Example

Morrison & Morrison’s Black Friday picks are here! Make sure to check out IG stories too for even more! [Link]

This is an example of a message that’s simple and to-the-point. It puts the business name right at the front, states the purpose of the text, gives a link, and gives further information the customer may find useful. Nothing too elaborate—the sender apparently knows what their audience wants, and gives it to them.

Bundle Promo Emphasizing Urgency

"Urgency" Black Friday promo

Hey, it’s Sam - Our Black Friday sale is now live. Grab our electronics savings bundle and save on electronics before year end for 70% off. QUICK! Time’s almost up! [Link]

This example starts out more personally (with the sender’s individual name). It communicates what the bundle promo is but has an added element of urgency. The audience knows how much they can save and they know that there’s not much time left to claim the deal.

Promo for Specific Product

"Specific product" Black Friday text

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Annie here, and my BLACK FRIDAY SALE is now open! Get “Copywriting Crash Course” now for 50% off: [link] TODAY ONLY

This example again leads with a personal note before going into the specifics of the deal. The business decided to offer a deal on a specific product rather than a bundle or a sweeping discount—and they communicate that deal briefly and succinctly. They provide a note of urgency at the very end of the message.

Promo Code Discount

"promo code" Black Friday text message

From: Paul the Marketer - Huge Black Friday sale is live right now! Use code BFCM when checking out. Starter Plan only $200 for a year’s access! [Link]

For this example, it starts off with identifying the primary representative for the business and then by emphasizing how good the Black Friday deal is. It gives the audience a specific promo code to apply, and gives an example of the type of deal they can get.

List of Products on Sale

"List of products" text message example

The Farmyard: 32-oz Black Friday Meat Box | $30 case of organic eggs | $1 Baked Good with purchase of $50 or more: [Link]

This example is brief without much embellishment. It simply identifies the business name and then lists the specific products on sale before providing a link. The sender of a message like this would know that what their particular audience cares about is the specific products available.

Consider Your Audience

From observing these messages, some takeaways to consider for your own Black Friday messages include:

  • Elaborate message copy is not necessary – sometimes to-the-point is the best way to go
  • Mentioning the specific discount or product can be helpful
  • You can think about whether your audience will respond better to a more personal-sounding message (coming from an individual) rather than a message coming from a company name
  • Using language that communicates the urgency of the promotion can help drive action
  • Always include a link directing your audience to the action you want your them to take

But the most important takeaway is to consider your audience in order to determine what type of messaging and deal they will best respond to.

What Kind of Black Friday Message Will Your Audience Resonate With?

You know your audience best. You should be aware of their wants, needs, and pain points. So ask yourself what they will best resonate with, and implement that messaging into your Black Friday SMS campaign.

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