Best Email Finder Tool for Contacting Your Potential Clients

November 3, 2023 | By Eliza Medley
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The era of indiscriminate email marketing and sales with aggressive mailings to untargeted audiences is slowly becoming a thing of the past. On the one hand, email addresses are protected by ever-improving anti-spam systems. On the other hand, campaigns launched on non-target recipients are ineffective and lead to subscriber churn.

High sales and growing conversion rates are the result of proper positioning and knowledge of your target audience. Therefore, first of all, you need to know how to find the email of a person truly interested in your offer. 72% of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication.

Benefits of Using an Email Finder Tool

While you can collect email addresses and other contact information the old-fashioned way, an email prospecting tool offers distinct advantages.

  • Save time and effort: An automated process means your team members can collect email addresses (and other contact information) in bulk, saving time and effort. This time also frees up team members for other tasks.
  • Connect with key decision makers: Target your contact outreach by finding the best point of contact in the business, attracting top talent through recruitment, and helping you develop B2B and other partnerships.
  • Accurate contact information: Contact information is reliable, accurate, and trustworthy, resulting in valuable leads.
  • Reduce your bounce rate: Limit your email deliverability bounce rate by collecting valid email addresses and contact information. Many tools authenticate emails before sending them to you.
  • Increase your deliverability rate and ROI: Using tools that collect valid lead data will ensure higher deliverability, open and response rates, and more conversions.

Where to Find Potential Customers’ Email Addresses?

Here are some popular ways to find potential customers' emails based on inputs such as first names, last names, and domains.

Search Engines

The effectiveness of the search here depends on the data you have about the person: the more data you have, the fewer query options you will have to enter. In search engines, the procedure boils down to the following steps:

  1. You enter the person's first and last name
  2. You add the email domain(s)
  3. You spell out possible combinations of these data and conduct an email search for each of the resulting variants, writing them in quotes

Search on Company Websites

Everything is simple here: go to the corporate website, find the contacts of employees, and put them on your list. However, you should avoid common addresses (support service, official mail, etc.) - outreach emails sent to such inboxes are rarely opened and viewed.

Advanced Search for Email Addresses on Social Networks and Directories

We're talking about Advanced Search on Twitter and adding your profile to your contact list on LinkedIn.

  • Advanced Twitter search allows you to find addresses by keywords, first names, last names, regions, and publication dates. That is, you're not looking for the address itself, but for mentions of it in posts, comments, and pages.
  • LinkedIn's Sales Navigator is used to provide access to account holders' addresses for free. For some time, the social network's sales tools have been subject to charging, but you can request the address of the person of interest in a personalized appeal when you add them to your contacts.
  • You can use directories for certain niches – for example, you can search in the SmartMoneyMatch business directory for professionals in the investment industry.

Mass Search for Email Addresses

The above-mentioned ways to find emails have three things in common: they do not require attachments, support only individual searches, and produce unverified results.

However, it is very important for marketers and salespeople to have the widest possible audience reach and high reputation, which is impossible when using unreliable addresses. These tasks can be solved with the help of specialized services such as Findymail.

Their benefits include:

  • Turns Sales Navigator searches into a list of email addresses
  • Integrate with your existing workflow
  • Premium quality, competitive pricing

Best Automatic Mail Selection Tools

From a technical point of view, address generation is a relatively labor-intensive but monotonous process, so it can be easily handled by software.

Here is the list of the best email finder tools for contacting leads:


Findymail site screenshot

Findymail automatically scrapes and finds clean emails. It finds anyone's email in seconds and exports it from your favorite search platforms. It is the most accurate email prospecting system for B2B sales.

Snovio site screenshot service is a platform for automating work with the client base. Its functionality allows you to increase the efficiency of actions, reduce the time required to complete tasks, and simplify the workflow.

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Hunter site screenshot can find an email address based on the first name, last name, and domain of the organization where the person works. In addition to this, offers CSV export of search results for all plans except the starter plan.

RocketReach site screenshot is an online platform that helps users find and connect with professionals, allowing them to expand their networks and drive business growth.

It is significant that if such tools cannot find addresses on website pages or in metadata, they generate them, verifying the resulting variants in parallel. During the verification process, there is a chance that the contact will not be retrieved, but if the generation is completed successfully, you will find a verified, reliable email.

As a rule, the services themselves provide an opportunity to group found contacts and save them into prospect lists. If your email address harvesting software does not support creating and customizing contact lists, you can upload your search information in the form of a table.

Automatic generators really work fast, and the result of their work is qualitatively no different from manual selection.

Search Extensions for Browsers

Another tip for salespeople and marketers is extensions that search for employee addresses directly on company pages. Such an email address grabber is able to find emails on users' accounts in professional LinkedIn groups or HeadHunter.

Of course, the advantages of extensions of this type are tangible only for the B2B segment, and there is no question of a quick mass mail search. Nevertheless, with these tools, in addition to address search, you can:

  • Find additional information about leads
  • Filter received contacts by validity criteria
  • Add mail to prospect lists

Extensions are useful to use in combination with the main mail search tools. Their tandem will allow you to form voluminous mailing lists with up-to-date addresses.

What to Consider When Searching for Emails

E-sales and email marketing do not forgive aimless actions: just selecting addresses or mass searching without the accompanying positioning of your product and understanding the pains of your target audience, your profit from mailings will decrease with each new campaign. The same is true with the selection of tools for search: first, you need to set a goal, and then select the most effective tool to achieve it.

To sum up, now that you know the different types of email prospecting tools and have compared the best email prospecting tools on the market, you can choose the right tool and start collecting email addresses for your lead lists. Load them into your customer experience solution and start engaging your leads.



Eliza Medley is an experienced writer and psychologist. She is actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. She also loves catching up on modern trends. She inspires people to learn new things and reach new heights with her work.


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