43 Unmonitored Mailbox Message Examples & Auto Reply Texts

March 7, 2024 (Updated) | By Sam Pelton
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Man’s best friend is not a dog.

It’s automation.

Consider these stats:

  • Marketing automation on average drives up to 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead
  • 74% of marketers surveyed agreed that the main reason marketers and business owners use automation software is to save time
  • By 2023, 30% of sales, front desk, and customer experience activities will involve robotic process automation

Obviously automation holds a lot of power.

So here’s a question…

How can you harness the power of automation in your business’s text message efforts?

You may have heard about texting's powerful open rates.

So let’s walk through how you can couple the power of automation with the power of texting for results that are… well… powerful.

We’ll give you 43 auto-reply text message examples - and we’ll also discuss:

  • The benefits of using auto-replies in regards to texting
  • Some best practices of using auto-replies in texting
  • How to set up auto-reply texts for your business

The Benefits of Auto-Reply Texting

In addition to the general benefits that come along with automation (i.e. freeing up time and resources), auto-reply texting has a few benefits specifically.

Here are a few different scenarios in which auto-replies can be beneficial...

1. When You Don’t Want to Monitor Replies

Many businesses who send mass texts don’t want to monitor the replies that people send back in.

This could be for several reasons:

  • They may not have the manpower to handle responses
  • They may want to direct people to other contact channels, such as their regular business line
  • They may not have the organizational structures in place to track responding to replies

In cases like this, auto-replies are an easy way to make the user experience better by letting them know that the replies aren’t monitored. You can then direct them to another method of contacting you.

Your message could say something simple, along the lines of:

Replies are not monitored. Apologies for any inconvenience! Please contact [email address] with any questions.

Or, if you want to add a little more personality to it (to match your brand), you could say something like:

Hi fam! Unfortunately we’re not able to see text replies that you send in. Very sorry about that!! Hit us up on Insta or shoot us an email at [email address] and we’ll be happy to connect!

Obviously, in an ideal world you would be able to monitor and respond to any replies you get.

But providing an “unmonitored” auto-response will help you prevent some frustration for your audience, while still allowing you to handle their responses in a way that’s feasible for your situation.

2. When You Want to Give an “Out of Office” Notice

What about when there’s a particular period of time in which you’ll be unable to respond?

For example, what if people text you outside of work hours? Or on weekends?

An auto-reply allows you to let your audience know that you received their message and you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

You can set clear expectations by telling them exactly when you’re “in office” so that they know when they can expect a response back.

You can also provide alternative ways for them to get their question or issue resolved while they wait - such as consulting your “Help”/“Knowledge Base” documentation or contacting via another method.

Here’s an example of what it might look like:

Thank you for contacting [business name]! Our business hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, so we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


We are currently unavailable but we’ll be back bright and early tomorrow morning! We’ll be in touch soon.

3. When You Want to Create a Smooth Customer Workflow

You can set up an “SMS bot” of sorts to help answer common questions automatically.

Each message can be triggered by a particular word your audience texts in.

For example, if they’re interested in your current promotions, they could text the word “Promotions.”

If they’re interested in setting up an appointment, they could text the word “Appointment.”

You can set up messages, containing the information they’re requesting, to then trigger automatically.

This method helps your audience get the information they’re looking for ASAP. And at the same time, it will clear up your time and resources, since you’re able to automate the process.

Need a more tangible example?

Let’s say you work for a hair salon and you have a potential client, Theresa, who has heard about you from one of her friends and is interested in setting up an appointment.

She sees your business’s phone number on your website and sends a text expressing interest.

She receives a message back saying something like:

Thank you for texting in to Beauty ‘n Hair! To book an appointment, please reply APPOINTMENT. For current promos, please text PROMOS. For other inquiries, please text OTHER.

Theresa then texts back with the word “Appointment” and receives a text…

Thanks for your interest in booking an appointment! See open appointments and schedule a time here: [link]

Theresa then follows the link to book her appointment and voila! You’ve booked a client without even having to speak to her.

4. When You Just Want to Let People Know Their Message Has Been Received

You may set up an auto-reply text message just to let people know right away that you successfully received their message.

Giving them this confidence right off the bat will help create a positive experience for them as they interact with you.

This description could also be applied to “welcome messages” that are sent automatically when people first subscribe via “text-to-join” to your texting list. “Text-to-join” is when a user can submit a text message into your number, which automatically subscribes them.

A “welcome message” gives them a confirmation that they were successfully subscribed.

It can also help confirm expectations for what kinds of messages they will receive, and how often.

Here are a couple of examples:

Welcome to the [business name] text alerts! You’ll receive exclusive weekly discounts, deals, and updates. Stay tuned!

You’re in! Thanks for joining - You’ll get VIP texts each month with the best deals… plus giveaways! Expect your first VIP text within the next week.

Auto-Reply Text Message Best Practices

When setting up your auto-replies, make sure to abide by the following best practices.

1. Be Clear

Inject as much clarity as you can into your auto-message.

If you don’t monitor your text replies at all, make sure to tell them that.

If you’re sending an “out of office” message, make sure to tell them when they can expect a response back.

If you’re texting for some other reason, make sure to be clear about next steps and expectations.

2. Be Concise

An auto-reply text message is not the time to go into a long rant.

Don’t overwhelm your recipients!

Keep your auto-reply short and sweet, unless there’s a good reason not to.

This is not only a good user experience, but longer messages use up more messaging credits on your texting platform account. So it’s better for you overall, in more ways than one!

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3. Be Uncomplicated

This point is especially applicable if you’re using Smart Replies to set up a series of auto-responses triggered by specific words.

(For example, texting INFO may trigger an auto-response with more information about your business.)

Don’t give a whole confusing list of instructions of what people should do in order to trigger certain types of messages.

Keep it simple!

Make sure the next step people should take is obvious. Otherwise, you’ll lose ‘em.

How to Set Up Auto-Reply Text Messages

To set up auto-reply messages and workflows for your customers, you’ll need a texting platform like Mobile Text Alerts.

From your platform’s account, you’ll be able to set up different types of auto-reply messages:

  • New Subscriber Reply
    • This would designate the automatic reply people receive when they first sign up for your text messages
  • Default Reply
    • This would designate the automatic reply people receive anytime they reply to one of your messages
      • You can turn “off” the default reply if you don’t want people to receive any automatic response when they reply
      • If desired, you can designate a certain timeframe for your auto-reply to be triggered (that way, you can only turn in on during specific times, such as outside of working hours)
  • Smart Reply
    • This would designate the automatic reply people receive when they text in specific words

You can enter the content for all of these different replies right there within the platform.

All you have to do is just type the content you want into the right place and click “Save.”

You’ll be able to easily edit the content within the platform at any time.

Get 50 free messages for 14 days (no credit card needed) so that you can try out some of the example texts listed below.

37 More Auto-Reply Text Message Examples

Here are some specific examples of auto-reply text messages based on the use cases described above.

“Replies Not Monitored”

Thanks for your reply. We can't guarantee a response on this service. Please contact [phone number] or [email address] with questions.

No responses to replies. Please contact at [website]

Responses to this number will not be received, please contact [phone number] directly!

​​Hello! If you have a question, please contact us at [email address]

This is a one-way communication system. If you need assistance, please reach out directly to [phone number]. Thank you!

This number is not monitored for responses. Please text or call leadership for a response.

Please do not reply. This inbox is not monitored. | Por favor no responda. Esta bandeja de entrada no se supervisa.

This mailbox is unmonitored. Please call [phone number] with questions.

Thanks for your reply - this is an automated text message service and replies are not monitored.

“Out of Office”

You’ve reached [business name]. Our texting hours are over until 8am tomorrow. But if you need emergency assistance please call [phone number]. Thank you!

Text support is currently unavailable. For other support options, please visit [link]

Thank you for contacting [business name]! We are currently unable to answer your text at the moment, but if you are needing to [take a particular action] please click on this link here: [link]

“Smooth Customer Workflow”

Hello, this is an automated text. Please reply with one of the following words for further assistance: RESOURCES, HOURS, PROMOTIONS, SUPPORT

[If someone texts in about a promotion] - Use code [promo code] on the website to get 10% off your next purchase!

[If someone texts in about getting started] - Visit our website and let’s get started! [Link]

[If someone texts in about hours] - Our business hours are 8-5 Mon-Fri and 8-12 Sat-Sun

[If someone texts in about getting a consultation] - I'd be more than happy to schedule a time to review the process & answer any questions you may have. Would you be open to a 15-minute hassle-free, no obligation call? Reply with REVIEW to schedule a time.

[If someone texts in that an experience was “bad”] - Oh no, how can we make it up to you?

[If someone texts in that an experience was “good”] - So glad you had a good time!

[If someone texts in that they want an appointment] - We offer appointments Monday thru Friday 9 am to 6pm and Saturdays upon request. Closed on Sundays. What day and time would you prefer to have your appointment?

[If someone texts in with an inquiry about fees] - Someone will contact you shortly regarding fees. Thank you.

“Message Received”

Thank you for signing up for text alerts! Have you [taken a specific action]? Click here now to get [benefit] - [link]

Thank you for submitting your response! ¡Gracias por enviar su respuesta!

Thank you for reaching out to us, someone will get in touch soon.

Thank you for your message. Please allow 24 hours for a response if required.

Thanks for signing up! You're entered in the giveaway for [item]! Good luck!

Thank you for joining [business name]’s mobile text alerts! Never miss a sale again!

Your message will be answered in the order in which it was received. [Link]

Thank you for your message! Someone from the team will be in touch with you soon!

Welcome to the club! You now have access to exclusive promotions for subscribers only. Enjoy a $15 discount on your next [service]. Book Now: [link]

You have been entered to win [product]. Good luck!

You’ve joined the [business name] texting program! Make sure your subscription is covered. Go here to make sure your account is squared away: [link]

Thank you for reaching back out! We'll be in touch as soon as possible but if it's an emergency please call [phone number]

Thank you for confirming your appointment. See you at your appt.

Thanks for signing up to be notified when Aunt B's Salsa has been freshly made and is available for sale. We will keep you posted on when and where it is available. Blessings!

[First Name], welcome and thank you for signing up. You will receive [content update] every Friday at 12pm PST. You will also receive any important updates as they arise.

Thanks for your interest in my text community - I am truly honored! Stay tuned for special messages, updates, and pre-release info just for being here!


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